Centennial Hosts County’s Cross Country Meet

Words: Eliza Andrew

On Wednesday October 25, Centennial High School hosted the County’s Cross Country Meet, with the competing schools of Atholton High, Centennial High, Glenelg High, Hammond High, Howard High, Long Reach High, Marriotts Ridge High, Mt. Hebron High, Oakland Mills High, Reservoir High, River Hill High, and Wilde Lake High.

There were 4 races: JV boys, JV girls, Varsity Boys, and Varsity girls. Centennial placed 3rd overall in the boys Varsity race, with senior Steven Mitchell placing 14th, and senior Greg Costello placing 3rd, both making the top 15 for the boys. The girls, placing 2nd overall, had 3 girls in the top 15: junior Cora Blount placed 11th, junior Alison Betler placing 6th, and senior Kirsten Wikner placing 5th. This was a great race day for Centennial, because of their top placement on the scoreboards, and was overall a great day for the Cross Country Eagles.  The Varsity teams will continue against Reservoir and Oakland Mills on November 2, at Centennial for the regional championship.

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