Superintendent Martirano Speaks About Future Redistricting

Words: Zach Grable

Acting Superintendent of Howard County, Michael J. Martirano, presented a proposal back in June addressing overpopulation and redistricting throughout the county. After a several month long process, the Board of Education has officially commended its forthcoming plan to to be implemented for the 2018-2019 school year.

Superintendent Martirano previously stated in a press release that “when we balance our school capacities, we can achieve equity of educational delivery. The study recommendations take us closer to that goal.”

The community of Centennial, as well as Mount Hebron, Howard, and Long Reach, are affected by this. It was suggested by people and board members that a new school be built to help with the overpopulation. In May of 2016 Kittleman signed an agreement for the purchasing of a new high school. The $23.1 million dollar piece of land expands 70 acres and is as big as two high schools.

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