2020 Presidential Election

Delanie Tucker

On November 7, 2020,The Associated Press and CNN, among other news sources, declared President-elect Joe Biden the 46th President of the United States of America. After five days, President-elect Biden was the first candidate to reach, and surpass, 270 electoral votes, beating out President Donald Trump, who sits at 214 (according to The Associated Press).

For the popular vote, Trump received over 70 million votes and Biden over 74 million, as it currently stands, both of which break the previous record of most votes received by a presidential candidate. Former President Barack Obama held the record in alignment with his 2016 campaign, when he received between 69 and 70 million votes.

This election is the first to result in a female Vice Presidency. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will not only be the first woman to hold the office, but will also be the first Vice President of Black and South Asian Heritage. Prior to this election, she represented California in the Senate, becoming the second Black and first Indian-American woman to serve as a senator.

President-elect Biden also has experience in politics, as both U.S Senator from 1973- 2009 and Vice President from 2009-2017, under Barack Obama.

While the election is over according to current elector counts, there is the possibility for recounts in varying states, such as Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin. Additionally, President Trump has filed lawsuits, based around unfounded claims of voter fraud, in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia to contest the voting, hoping to swing the electoral votes in his favor; so far, all President Trump’s lawsuits have been dismissed. Ballot recounts and legal proceedings will continue until every state is finalized, and it is unclear, as of now, when that will be.

 More information and updates on the 2020 Election are to come.


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