Portables closed due to inclement weather causes issues for students and teachers (Miranda Mason)

On Wednesday, September 7th, Dr. Perkins announced that during fifth and sixth periods portables one through four at the back of CHS were closed for classes due to roof damage and leaking. Everyone who had a class in the portables during this time was relocated to the media center.

Dr. Perkins made the decision to close the portables when roof damage and leaking was causing a problem. Unfortunately, moving the classes to the media center caused some problems of its own.

Students in the media center were late to their sixth period classes due to the massive congestion. The classes in the media center also had to deal with more than one class in the same room as they went through the period.

Mrs. Van Giesen, media specialist, described the media center during fifth and sixth period as, “chaotic. It wasn’t the best learning environment.”

Mr. Hill, a social studies teacher at CHS, said that being moved, “…affected my plans in that I didn’t have all resources I would normally have in my room… the room I used was a bit cramped for space.”

However, the chaotic and cramped situation didn’t stop the classes from continuing. Mr. Hill went on to say, “I felt that the administration did what was best for the students… Overall, [moving] was not a real hardship.”

The excessive rain that caused the closing of the portables had other effects on CHS as well. Roof damage in the main building caused minor flooding in the hallways, and in one classroom a chalkboard was abruptly erased when rain flowed down the wall.

Sports activities were canceled due to the rain, and student drivers had to alter their routes home due to flooding in the roads and other rain-related problems.