When the Clock Strikes Midnight

Meghan Creel

Centennial’s 2022 prom theme will be masquerade, where magic and mystery take place. Historically, people would not take off their masks until after midnight masquerade balls. The masks provide a way for people to hide their identities and lack and judgment from others. 

Everyone is familiar with masquerade balls, but how do they differ from masquerade proms, and what do the students think of the theme? Senior Camryn Bell said, “I think masquerade is a cute theme and im excited to see how people take this on.” Excitement and curiosity take over the students as they also have not had an official prom due to COVID. 

Luke Milinichik, Centennial senior, said, “I think it’s an interesting theme especially if you don’t know anyone and you’re trying to meet new people. For this theme, since it’s masquerade you would typically wear a mask to hide your identity and its a way to express yourself in front of people.” The masks clearly will have an effect on people; they could feel more comfortable with talking to new people while wearing a mask that represents them and can show some of their personality through the design. 

Masquerade balls are rooted from 15th century Europe, where high class society could gather and take part in glamor and magic along with dancing, gambling, etc. The masks were important because they hid everyone’s identity, making it easier for the lower class to participate. 

Bell stated, “I will definitely wear a nice blinged out mask! Even though we are coming out of having to wear a mask everywhere I definitely won’t pass up a chance to wear one and look cute!”

The masquerade theme radiates excitement, curiosity, and comfort with being behind masks, but does it really fit with prom? Morgan Snodgrass, a senior at Centennial, stated, “I think it could be cool, like the decorations and aesthetic, but I don’t know if masquerade masks are really like prom. I feel like they are two different events.”

Picture the masquerade aesthetic: fancy lit candles, gold and brown colors, twinkling lights, and silk or velvet drapes, with a dim light atmosphere. Going back to the 15th century for just one night could be a good thing considering everything going on in the world today.

Bell exclaimed, “I definitely will be going all out since this is my first and last prom.” 


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