Month: June 2011

Summertime Teachers: Your favorite staff members’ plans for Summer 2011 (Kari Dunagan)

With the school year ending, summer is at the forefront of students’ minds.  It is a time spent going to the pool, tanning, and hanging out with friends. While counting down the days, many people start making summer plans. But something that many people don’t consider is that it is summer vacation for teachers, too. Summer is a time for them to relax with family and friends of their own. So how will the teachers at CHS be spending their summers?
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A beauty contest on Facebook? (Amy Myers)

Facebook users are all aware of the exclusive groups concerning looks, popularity, district, and more. One group that includes all three of these categories is Hoco’s Mostgorgeous. This group contains over 600 friends from local schools, including Centennial, and has photos of people, mostly girls, who represent the school’s most attractive students. Continue reading “A beauty contest on Facebook? (Amy Myers)”

The blog blockade (Kyle Simpson)

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, and Blogspot. What do these five sites have in common? All have earned themselves a spot on Howard County’s list of sites that are deemed “unsafe.” Blogspot is the most recent addition to the numerous sites that have already been blocked. However, some teachers use this site as a homepage to post homework and other announcements for their classes.

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Preteens on Facebook (Jamie Imperial)

According to Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), anyone under
13 years of age is not allowed to sign up for social networking sites, primarily Facebook, which have been known to collect private information from its members. However, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants this law to be changed. He claims that school kids under 13 could have a “deeper educational experience” by being exposed to social networking sites.
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