Remembering a creative visionary: Steve Jobs (Kyle Simpson)

Just a day after the announcement of Apple’s iPhone 4S, Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs died late last night.

Jobs co-founded the company in 1976 with Steve Wozinak and Ronald Wayne, charting a path for the US technology industry that no one could have ever foreseen. He was a true visionary in his field, inspiring people to think differently. The products that he led his company to create have changed the world by bringing music into the consumers’ hands and created the first real Personal Computer. Jobs was also the CEO of Pixar studios. With his guidance, he led Pixar to become one of the greatest studios of all time. While no official cause of death has been cited yet, Jobs had been fighting Pancreatic Cancer for many years. Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple in August because he felt that he could “no longer meet his duties” at the company due to health problems.

The world has truly lost a visionary, and he will be greatly missed. It can honestly be said that without Steve Jobs, computers would probably not be where they are today.

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