Month: February 2012

Mock Trial Update 2/28 (Cecilia Lu)

On Tuesday, February 28, 2011, Centennial’s Mock Trial team faced off against Atholton at 5PM in District Court. The prosecution was slated to argue the fictional case of the State of Maryland v. Drew Hunter, in which it charged the defendent with three counts of reckless endangerment and one count of second-degree child abuse. The trial lasted almost two hours, and the judge found the defendant guilty of all counts of reckless endangerment, but not guilty of child abuse. CHS’s stellar performance earned it 51 total points over Atholton, which received 42 points. The team has emerged strong from its hiatus last year due to a lack of teacher sponsorship. It now boasts a 4-1 record and is ranked among the top three Mock Trial teams in Howard County.

How Long Will Our Eagle Pride Last? (Carolyn Eichhorn)

On Tuesday February 21, the student body at Centennial was shown a video that addressed the issue of trash being left behind throughout the lunch shifts. When Mrs. Kristen McManus’s second period students noticed this disturbing display of Centennial students’ behavior, they decided to take action. The “Eagle Pride” video was their way of showing their concerns to their classmates as well as the rest of the staff. It encouraged students to clean up after themselves when they finished lunch so the cafeteria stayed clean.
To reiterate the message in the video, posters were hung around the lunchroom promoting the idea. Mrs. McManus’s second period also went around lunch shifts on that Tuesday with trashcans to help students keep the tables clean.
Since the video was shown, the cafeteria has been cleaner, but not necessarily trash free. Some students have taken the message into account and kept the tables clean for the next lunch shifts, but not everyone is participating. One person cannot do all the work. The people at the table have to come together and make an effort to keep their area clean.


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Eagles top Hammond in Long Awaited Rematch (Carolyn Eichhorn)

After the upsetting loss to the Hammond Golden Bears on January 6th, the Centennial Eagles were looking to come up big when they met again back on the court Thursday night. After winning their two previous games against River Hill and Howard, the Eagles had high hopes for the rematch against Hammond.

The game started with the opening tip off between Timi Tinuoye (CHS) and James Turner (HHS) from the Bears. Turner got his hand on the ball but the tip intended for his teammate was immediately intercepted by Chris Peterson (CHS) and the Eagles drove down the court. Hammond, however, was the first to get points on the board though the Eagles soon followed. Both teams had limited scoring opportunities. When the first quarter came to an end, both teams were struggling to put points on the board and were tied 10-10.

In the second quarter, the game remained even as both teams stepped up their game. Centennial’s intensity rose as they began to connect more passes and move the ball around the court. Still, the Eagles had yet to take a lead over Hammond and had difficulty finishing their shots and scoring. Combined with the ongoing battle to stop the Hammond players from getting fast breaks as well a large number of turnovers, the Eagles found themselves down at the half 26-25.

When Centennial came back on the court for the second half of the game, the whole demeanor of the team had changed. The Eagles began doing what had worked for them earlier in the season: quick and efficient passing while maintaining a strong defense. Points began to appear on the board for the Eagles as they began to take control of the game. Hammond made a brief attempt at a late comeback but the quarter ended with the Eagles on top, 45-35.

Still going strong, the Eagles continued to dominate over Hammond. Centennial also maintained possession for most of the fourth quarter, moving the ball smoothly around the court. The game ended with the Eagles defeating Hammond 64-46. Keonte Potts and Omari Ringgold lead the team scoring 20 and 23 points, respectively, while several others managed to contribute to the 64 points against Hammond.

Disastrous D-Lunch (Jordan Kudisch)

Feeling hungry and can’t wait to sink your teeth into that piled-high, mouthwatering sandwich? Yet as soon as you walk into that repugnant cafeteria you hastily lose your appetite?  Unfortunately, that seems to be the case most the time when these famished high schoolers hope to devour their lunches. When arriving at a table filled with half-eaten sandwiches and spilled juice that sandwich is no longer appetizing.
“Today I came into lunch and there were pretzels and french fries all over the table, and we tried pushing them off the table to eat but no one wanted to touch it!” exclaimed, Caroline Lawrence, a student at Centennial.
That’s only one, of many opinions that have to be said about this disturbing scene.

What else do students have to say?
“It’s disgusting and when you walk in and have to clean up everybody else’s mess it’s gross. Kids need manners, it’s not their home…it’s school,” Carly Cokas angrily stated.
Walking into a gross environment gives Centennial a bad appearance and keeps the students’ heads turned away. I know when I sit down for lunch the first thing I want to do after a long morning of work is eat — not do more work by cleaning up the lunch before mine. And we all know many people say,” It’s the janitor’s job, I shouldn’t have to do anything!” Well here’s a newsflash: it’s not. The janitors don’t enjoy picking up after you, just remember they’re not your maids.

How can we help?

We can change all that with a little team effort! If each student picked up his or her trash and perhaps another piece before leaving the cafeteria, we’d already be making a difference!  Taking part in small actions would be making a better change for our school and make lunch even tastier!
So the next time you walk into the cafeteria, grab some trash. Would that really be so bad? Let’s make a difference! Project Clean the Centennial Cafeteria!

Bill Passed to legalize Same-sex Marriage (Miranda Mason)

On February 17th, 2012, the Maryland House of Delegates passed a bill that will legalize same-sex marriage. The Senate also passed the bill on February 23rd, 2012.

The Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee voted seven to four in favor of the bill. There were 72 votes in favor of the bill, 67 against it, with two people absent when it was voted in the House. The bill was voted on 25-22 in the Senate. If passed, the law will not be able to take effect until January 2013.

The Gay/Straight Alliance, a club at Centennial High School that works to provide a support group for LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) students in Centennial, has kept its members up to date on current issues. The same-sex marriage bill was mentioned during one of their recent meetings, eliciting enthusiastic responses from some of the members.

“It’s freaking amazing!” said Blair Dettmer, a junior at CHS and member in GSA. “I hope it will get us marriage. I’m looking forward to tolerance and us being equal.”

Last year Maryland tried to pass a bill similar to the one that was recently voted on. The bill was passed in the Senate, but was vetoed in the House. If Governor O’Malley passes the bill this time around, Maryland will be the eighth state to legalize gay marriage. Before the law takes place, Maryland residents will have the opportunity to petition the bill in a referendum in November.

Similar bills have been made into laws in seven other states: Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont. Washington Governor Christine Gregoire signed a bill on February 13th, making Washington the seventh state. Washington D.C. and the District of Columbia have also legalized same sex-marriage.

In New Jersey both houses passed a gay marriage bill, but Governor Chris Christie vetoed it. Christie also called for the civil rights of gays to be put up to popular vote. The state legislature has until January 2014 to override the veto.

Kraisser Punches Ticket to Comcast (Salman Hashmi and Zack Newman)

Nathan wins 126 pound weight class, continues on to States

Senior Nathan Kraisser won the 126-pound weight class at the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association 4A/3A Regional Championship on February 25, 2012 at Wilde Lake High School. Nathan dominated his opponent, 13-1, and continued on his road to Comcast Center with another impressive victory.

Nathan felt as though he had to keep working hard against his opponent until the very end. “It was a tough match, he pushed me the whole time and it ended up going the whole 6 minutes of the match. I had to work the whole time to rack up some points,” Kraisser explained. Before advancing to the finals, Nathan pinned both of his opponents. Overall, Nathan was pleased with his performance. He expounded that “I did what I wanted, I came out and wrestled tough in each match.”

Varsity Head Coach David Roogow and Jayvee Head Coach Cliff Kraisser thought Nathan had a great run at the Regional Tournament. Roogow believed that Nathan Kraisser did what was expected of him in the finals. “The kid [from South River High School] was tough…and Nathan kept attacking. He took every opportunity to score,” said Roogow. Cliff advised Nathan to prepare for the state tournament similar to his preparation for any of his matches. Cliff instructed his son to “prepare hard this week, be ready to wrestle everyone the same and give it all he’s got.”

Nathan’s quest for his fourth state championship will conclude March 2-3 at Comcast Center, located on the University of Maryland campus.