Month: September 2012

Spirit Switch (Shweta Maruvada)

photo provided by Grace Cha

Rebellion can take many forms. At Centennial, the definition has come to terms with Spirit Week, with paint on faces, and the tagging. Each year, the Student Government Association (SGA) decides which spirit days they wish to hold throughout the week. However, this year, students were allowed to vote for select days. The 2012-2013 Spirit Week was only 4 days long due to Rosh Hashanah, so students had to be more careful with their choices.

The senior class, anxiously waiting for their 12th year to finally celebrate their 80s Decades Day had already made plans. When the student polls came out however, the SGA announced that Decades day wasn’t going to be one of the days. Senior Ashley Grooms expressed her disappointment with the students’ decision. She has never been a fan of Wacky Tacky day, so she wasn’t planning on participating anyway. “I was a little annoyed at first that decades day was not chosen as one of the spirit days,” Grooms said. Continue reading “Spirit Switch (Shweta Maruvada)”

Political Student Correspondent Introduction (Charles Regnante)

Here’s a chance to stay informed about national and local political issues. As the Wingspan’s new student political correspondent, I will be reporting on political issues starting with the 2012 Presidential Election. I’ll provide factual, unbiased information from both sides of the political aisle. I welcome student thoughts and comments.

The Ravens Win Against The Patriots (Kyle Simpson)

The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army echoed through Baltimore as the clock struck zero around midnight last night on the Ravens 12th straight home win streak against none-other than the New England Patriots. Who ended the best chance Baltimore had at a Super Bowl appearance in years with a missed kick courtesy of the now Redskins kicker Billy Cundiff in the AFC championship game last year. Seven months and a new kicker later, the Ravens geared up for a rematch under the lights on national television.

The day started off with heavy hearts for the Ravens as two-year wide receiver Torrey Smith had lost his younger Tevin Smith to a motorcycle accident earlier that morning. But through the heartbreak, Smith walked onto the field and warmed up. He even gave a young Ravens fan a high-five on his way back into the locker room. Continue reading “The Ravens Win Against The Patriots (Kyle Simpson)”

CHS Boosters (Giana Han)

According to Boosters member Michelle Berry, the Centennial Boosters are facing a busy week with Homecoming fast approaching.

The Centennial Boosters is a non-profit organization that is run by volunteers. They sell spirit wear, and they run the concession stands at sporting events. This week, they will be selling their wares during lunch, outside the cafeteria. The Boosters will make an appearance at Back to School Night, and they will be in business all day on Homecoming.

Centennial sports’ spirit wear is not sold by the Boosters, but what they sell can be worn to games. This includes their new item, the Centennial temporary tattoos. These cannot be worn in school or while playing a sport, but the Boosters are promoting them as something to be worn by the fans. They will be sold at sporting events along with sweatpants, sweatshirts, T-shirts, and other items. The profits go towards extra- curricular events including Drama, sports teams, Wingspan, and After Prom.

“Support the Boosters and you’ll support all after school activities, not just the athletics,” says Michelle Berry. Support can be shown by purchasing items from them or by becoming a member. The only requirements for membership are to be a Centennial parent and to give a donation. The Boosters can be found at many after school activities, but they also have a website ( where jackets, dry fit polos, and other spirit wear can be purchased.