Mid-term Bus

Words: Paul Didwall

Mid-terms are fast approaching, which for many students means it is time to break out the books and start reviewing content from the first semester. As in previous years, Centennial organizes after-school mid-term review sessions for interested students. These sessions are taking place this week in the media center between 2:15 and 3:00 PM. The sessions are geared toward freshman, as this is the first time that most of them will be exposed to high-school mid-terms, yet students from other grade levels are able to attend.

What sets this years review sessions apart is the way students will be able to go home after them. In the past, students would walk, wait for parents to pick them up, or ask a friend for a ride. While all of these are still viable options, Centennial is throwing another option in to the mix. An after school “Mid-term bus” will be able to take students home from the review sessions. The bus will operate free of charge for students. With the addition of the mid-term bus as a way for students to get home from review sessions, it is possible that more students will be able to attend the sessions and be better prepared for their mid-terms.

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