Month: September 2013

Students Unharmed in Wednesday Bus Accident

Words: Corey Grable

Contributors: Sarah Yang, Bushra Lohrasbi, Maryam Elhabashy, Madhu Lal, and Diane Ijoma

On the morning of September18th, morning traffic was heavily backed up due to an accident involving a school bus that was transporting students to Centennial. A car driven by an adult female, an educator within the county not affiliated with Centennial, struck bus number 218 from behind at approximately 7:00am. Principal Claire Hafets said many students described the accident by saying, “It felt like they were running over a squirrel.”

The accident caused the bus to break down and become stranded directly in front of the traffic channel that controls the flow of cars into the Centennial parking lot.  Officer Perry received the call and was the first person on the scene around 7:03am, and Hafets, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Allen, and Mr. Steve quickly followed him to ensure students’ safety and to re-direct traffic around the bus.

Fortunately, no students or the driver of the car were hurt in the crash. The students were safely escorted from the bus and into the school without incident.  “I’m very proud of the students on that bus and the way they behaved,” said Hafets.

The bus was not damaged in any significant way besides a little chipped paint, but the car’s hood was damaged. The cause of the crash was a lack of speed control from the car, according to Officer Perry.

Wingspan Receives Several Awards

Words: Emma Harring

The Wingspan team submitted numerous entries into the Baltimore Student Media High School Media Contest this past year. The results have come in, and several of Centennial’s students were given awards for their work in the publication.

Junior, Miranda Mason, received the third place award for Best News Story for her article, “School Lunches: Fact and Fiction.”

2013 graduate, Shweta Maruvada also received a third place award in Best Arts/Feature Story for her entry, “Staying Fresh.”

Senior, Carolyn Eichhorn, received a third place award in the Best Sports Feature category for her article, “Flach Swings Into His Senior Year.”

Also, the Wingspan website earned second place for Best Overall Website.

Congratulations to the Wingspan Team and for all the people whose work was recognized!

Deactivated Student Accounts

Words: Miranda Mason

Friday, September 13, 2013 was the final deadline for students to turn in their Responsible Use of Technology and Social Media permission forms.

According to CHS Quicknotes, students who did not turn in their forms will have their access to school computers revoked. Students with revoked computer privileges will have their accounts deactivated until their forms are turned in.

“It won’t happen right away,” said Susan Helmrath, the data clerk for Centennial’s Student Services. “It could take up to 48 hours to reactivate.”

According to Helmrath, as of Wednesday, September 18, 50 students have not turned in their forms.


Centennial Football Team Improves to 2-0

Words: Giana Han

Although there were grumbles at the postponement of the Eagles’ game scheduled for last Thursday against Oakland Mills, the Eagles were able to start the week with a win at their first home game against the Scorpions on September 16, 2013.

By the second quarter, the Eagles were winning, 17-0.  The Scorpions answered with a touchdown of their own, however, they missed the extra point, making it 17-6.

After another second quarter touchdown by the Eagles, the momentum shifted only for the Scorpions to return a kick for a touchdown. However, they missed the extra point, making the score 24-12.

A defensive player from Oakland Mills then intercepted a pass from the Eagles’ quarterback, Tyler Morris that led to another Scorpions’ touchdown.  The Scorpions decided to go for the two point conversion and succeeded, making the score 24-20.

Chase Conley stepped up on defense with a sack and then an interception, but the half ended with the Eagles only up 24-20, having lost their 17-point lead.

Within minutes of the second half, Wesley Brown of the Eagles intercepted the ball, creating a wave of momentum that couldn’t be stopped. During the following drive, Walter Fletcher had a 25-yard rush, and then ran for a touchdown. The score was 31-20.

Seniors Quinn Western and Conley helped the defense keep the Scorpions from scoring, and the Eagles quickly got the ball back. Fletcher rushed for 15 yards with an amazing block by Logan Tignall. Morris and Conley hooked up for a 25-yard pass to the end zone for another touchdown, increasing the lead to 38-20.

Big offensive plays from Tignall, and Western, with help from Conley on defense, would help the Eagles extended their lead to 52-20.

Within the last two minutes of the game, Austin Kraisser scored the Eagles’ final touchdown, ending the game with a score of 59-20.

“We came out really intense in the second half,” said Fletcher, who rushed for a staggering 229 yards and had three touchdowns.  “We have a lot of experience, a lot of team chemistry; we know what to do.  We worked, we won.”