Centennial Takes Steps Towards BYOD Program

Words: Miranda Mason

On Friday, Jan, 24, the Centennial High School Principal, Claire Hafets, met with members of the Howard County Department of Instructional Technology to discuss Centennial’s involvement with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program.

Three Howard County high schools, Long Reach, River Hill and Mount Hebron, are currently piloting BYOD in phase one of the program’s testing. Hafets met with the Department of Instructional Technology in order to get Centennial involved in phase two of the program’s trial run.

Centennial must submit a proposal to the county in order to be considered, and that proposal should be sent out in February, according to Hafets. Hafets also confirmed that by Monday, Jan. 27, at least 13 teachers at Centennial expressed interest in being involved in BYOD.

According to Hafets, access to devices hasn’t been a problem in the schools currently piloting the program, and any concerns the Centennial community has about involvement in BYOD will be considered.

“We will include the community in our plan,” said Hafets. “We will make sure everyone has a voice.”

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