Month: May 2014

Eagles Face Vikings in Boys’ and Girls’ Lacrosse

Words: Giana Han

The Lady Eagles went down in a valiant effort to beat rival Mount Hebron in the lacrosse game May 2.

At the start of the first half, the Lady Vikings got off to a quick start with two successive goals from Jennifer Giles and Jordan Stevens.

However, senior Kay Kelly helped to turn the game around with a goal, putting the Eagles within one.  Giles quickly came back with another goal of her own.  Dani Wilson took back that goal, then Alicia Hsieh tied it up at 3-3.

With 1:36 left in the half, Hsieh had a clutch goal that pushed the Eagles ahead of the Vikings for the first and only time in the game.

Steven’s quickly tied the game again, and two more goals put Hebron up at the half, 6-4.

After the teams came out of halftime, it became clear that Hebron did not want their last game of the season to ruin their undefeated record, and they went on a scoring run.

Chachi Kelehan scored the first goal of the half.   Wilson matched that with one of her own, but Hebron then went on a 6 goal scoring streak.  Ally Unkenholz and Kelehan each scored one, and Stevens and Giles put up two more before Wilson was able to cut into the run with a Centennial goal.

Wilson, Hsieh, and Devin Mcintyre added three more goals to Centennial’s score, but combined with a higher number of turnovers and fouls, it was not enough, and the Eagles went down 16-9.

The boys’ team attempted to avenge the loss that night when they faced Hebron on their home field.

The game was more of a defensive struggle, the first goal not coming until late in the first period when John Kolp scored a goal off of an assist from Quinn Western.

Andrew Gavlin had an assist to Dean Fochios for the second goal of the night, which gave the Eagles a 2-0 lead.

The Vikings began to push the ball down into Eagle territory, putting more pressure on the defense.  Dan Pomeranz had an amazing save, but Hebron’s Shane Brookheart was able to squeeze one by him to cut into the Eagles two point lead.

Just like the Lady Eagles did, the Vikings had started a turn around.  With 1:47 left in the second period, Zach Stevens came around the crease and scored, tying the game.  29 seconds later, his teammate Bryce Brookheart put the Vikings ahead.

Luckily, just before the buzzer sounded, Western was able to get it to Gavlin for a goal to tie the game 3-3.

After tying the game, the Eagles were able to stop the Viking’s momentum.  Pomeranz had several great saves.  Fochios scored two more goals for a total of three goals that night, and Gavlin scored another.

The Eagles were up 6-3 when, with 34 seconds left, Hebron was able to get its final goal.  However, Kolp scored the seventh and final goal with five seconds left, sealing the Eagle’s victory over Hebron.

“It feels like nothing else,” said Fochios, who was the high scorer for the game.  “It feels great to beat our biggest rival in the county.  When we tied it, we started getting pumped up, started playing with heart, and that’s what helps win the game.”

Both varsity lacrosse games will be moving on from these final games against Hebron to the play-offs.

Eagles Excel in Allied Softball World Series

Photos: Martha Hutzell

Words: Giana Han

On April 30, all the Allied Softball teams from around the county gathered at Meadowbrook to finish their season together in games filled with fun and sportsmanship.

The complex was split into four courts with at least three teams on each court.  One team would bat, one would field, and the other would sit out, and then they would rotate.

Centennial played with River Hill and Marriotts Ridge, and started out in the field with River Hill up to bat.

Karen Vanisko and Michael Havlik had an amazing inning in the field, hooking up for two easy outs at first.  Mike McCarthy was catching for Vanisko, who pitched.  At the conclusion of the top of the first inning, the Eagles were able to hold River Hill to one run, scored by Maria Brown.

The Eagles then stepped up to bat.  Lead-off batter, Lauren Davila started off with a single.  Following her single with another, Jonathon Hanks’ hit put two runners on with no outs.  Ian Dvornicky had another single, which batted in Davila.  A double from Vanisko prepared the way for McCarthy’s two RBI single.

The middle of the first ended with a score of 1-3-0, but Marriotts Ridge was ready to turn the score more to their favor.  Two singles were scored immediately, putting Sam Running and Danya Costa on base.  Zach McKay was thrown out at first, but he batted in a run.  Following McKay was Hansi Bode who also hit a single to drive in a run.  Katie Heady had the final hit of the inning, making it to first before the next batter was thrown out for the third out.

Each team continued to exhibit outstanding play throughout the game.  Every player on the Marriotts Ridge team had at least one hit.  Many of them, including Running and Heady, had RBIs as well, and excellent plays in the outfield.

River Hill’s Marcus Warren dominated the field from third base, throwing many runners out at first.  In the third inning, Brown and Warren both hit singles, paving the way for Nick Brown.  He came up to bat and on the first pitch hit the only home run in the game, driving in three runs.  Mia Dubin and Megan Gilbert, among others, had great hits that put runners in scoring position.

Every Eagle made it at least to first during the game. Dominic Rybal, Hanks, and Davila were several players who had amazing RBIs.  McCarthy and Orkun Unal caught extremely well for the pitchers, and Davila showed amazing speed while chasing down balls in the outfield.

“I liked playing on the bases,” said Clark, who did excellent in both the outfield and in the batter’s box.

At the end of the day, there were bittersweet feelings running through everyone.  They had enjoyed a fun time among friends, but it was their last game of the year.

“[The game] was really good!” exclaimed Davila.  “We did really well. I’m a little upset because it’s my last year.”

Davila and Vanisko both played their last games, but the rest of the team will be able to return next year for more fun.