Month: April 2015

Young Democrats Hold Their First Meeting

Words: Izzie Chausse

On April 8 at 7 pm, the Centennial’s newly formed Young Democrats club began their first ever event.

The topic of the event was racial bias in the current judiciary system, and Club President Barry Plunkett began the evening with some opening questions for the three event speakers. These speakers included Howard County Police Sergeant Stephanie Wall, Attorney Donna Hill Staton, and defense attorney Charles Fuller.

Each speaker introduced themselves and gave background information that tied themselves to the subject, racial bias. Then these three respectable men and women opened the floor to questions from students, staff, and other members of the community. The Ferguson shooting, discrimination amongst the community towards police officers, and even the recent South Carolina police shooting were a few of the topics touched on by the speakers.

A majority of the audience was Young Democrat board members and other Centennial students, all of whom were very attentive and curious, asking questions that really got the speakers thinking. The turn-out was more than the club had expected, and they even had to add seats!

If you are interested in joining the Young Democrats Club, come out to their next meeting on April 17 after school!

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Allied Softball Takes on the Centennial Girls’ Varsity Team

Words: Ashley Berry

At 3:00pm on Wednesday, April 8, the Centennial allied softball team was primed to take on the Marriot’s Ridge Mustangs. Due to transportation issues, the Mustangs never made it to Centennial. Rather than send the allied team home, the Centennial girls’ varsity softball team stepped up to the plate for an in-house scrimmage.

The allied team was off to a great start with five runs in the first inning. Michael Clark ran from second base to home plate off a solid hit by Dominic Roybal, scoring the first run of the game. Roybal and Michael McCarthy were both on base when Orkun Unal hit a ball to the back wall, giving both a chance to run home. Both Unal and Jonathan Hanks had successful at-bats and were on base when Thompson Truong had a nice hit which brought both of them home.

Jordan Ciraolo, Sammy Kastner, and Tori Montanez were quickly retired by Matthew Na and Clark, ending the first inning with a score of 5-0.

Clark scored again in the second inning, making the score 6-0. At the bottom of the second inning, three players from the Centennial boys’ varsity team, Connor Clemens, Matt McShane and Robert Hunter, joined forces with the allied team. Despite a run scored by Caroline Strott of the girls’ team, the allied team didn’t back down. Clark was responsible for three outs at the plate off of throws from Hanks and Clemens, ending the second inning with a score of 6-1.

Michael Havlik, McCarthy and Clark each had amazing hits in the third and final inning, and Unal scored his second run. Montanez scored a second run for the girls off a hit by Kastner in the bottom of the third inning. That would be their final run. Both Strott and Ciraolo found themselves out at the hands of Havlik and Celina Jensen was thrown out at first base on a nice play between Clark and Havlik, ending the game with a score of 7-2.

Allied softball’s peer helpers, Sakena Redmond, Anna Crowe and Frankie Krzyzanowski, and coaches, Coach Frost, Ms. Seen, Mr. Young and Ms. Dodd, helped the team take this win.

Allied Softball’s next game will be Tuesday, April 18 at 3:00 at Glenelg.

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Prom Promise Assembly Held

Words: Madhu Lal

On April 7, Centennial juniors and seniors were called down to the auditorium during 6th period for an assembly regarding prom and safety.

At the beginning of the assembly, students were handed information about CHS Late Night, the after prom party. Ms. Hafets then addressed safety concerns regarding drinking and driving during and after prom. She also introduced a guest speaker, Nancy Dankos.

Dankos lost her son, Steven Dankos, a football player at River Hill High School in 2007. Her son died as a result of a car accident where the driver of the vehicle was under the influence of alcohol. Dankos urged students to avoid driving under the influence and stressed the consequences of an individuals actions, using her son as a tragic example.

After Dankos’s presentation ended, more information was shared about CHS Late Night, such as the location, Columbia mall and the different activities that students can participate in.

PARCC Testing Finished For Now

Words: Chythanya Murali

The Partnership Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) testing has been completed at Centennial High School. Students currently in Algebra I, Algebra II, or English 10 took the performance-based assessment from March 5-20.

Pamela West, assistant principal and director of the online exam, felt that the testing went well despite some technical difficulties. The technical issues were associated with the PARCC program, not the school’s computers.

“Overall, students were able to follow the charts and were in the right time and right place,” said West. West said that the school is discussing the technical issues with the Assessment Office..

Scores for testing are scheduled to be released in December. This is the first year that it is a mandatory requirement for graduation. The end of year testing for PARCC is set to begin on April 20-22.