2014-2015 Complete Archives

Words: Sandy Eichhorn

Use the following links to see the 2014-2015 print publications.

2015 Takeover Issue


  • “A Year In Review”
  • “Offseason Training: Athletes Try Strive to Maintain Perfection”

2015 Senior Issue


  • “A Farewell Assignment”
  • “The Retirement of the Teacher Who has Taught Since Opening Day”

2015 April Issue


  • “Senior Superlatives”
  • “Setting Students Back”

2015 March Issue


  • “Zaching For Life: How One CHS Alum Continues to Inspire”
  • “Breaking News: The Impact of Sports Injuries”

2015 February Issue


  • “Unsung Heroes: The Hidden Champions of the Civil Rights Movement”
  • “Beneath the Centennial Mt. Hebron Rivalry”
  • “PARCC: New Year, New Test”

2014 December Issue


  • “Different Religions, Different Rules: Is removing holidays from the calendar a good idea?”
  • “Music Listeners are Turning to Vinyl”

2014 November Issue


  • “Generation Y”
  • “Taking Steps for Heart Research: Helping out is personal for one CHS student”
  • “The Uprising of Netflix”

2014 September Issue


  • “Wellness Woes”
  • “It’s a Whole New Game”

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