Centennial Teach-In

Words: Melinda Gwanzura

On Friday, April 8, 2016 Centennial High School’s administration held in-school field trips for students. The unique assemblies were held throughout the day and were held to educate students about various cultural and racial issues. Centennial High School’s Teach In allowed students the option to select three sessions of their choice to attend. Each session took up two class periods with a lunch block at the end of the second session. Guest speakers included Ira Jarrett, Dr. Warren, Ken Jennings, Roslyn Lindner, Shawn Gladden, John Krownapple, and David Hellinger. One of the last sessions by John Krownapple, Director of Cultural Proficiency, examined cultural proficiency within Centennial High School.

Krownapple explained how, “Cultural proficiency is the knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs that enable people to work well with, respond effectively to, and act supportively towards people of and in cross-cultural settings.”

Krownapple then discuss and later examined how cultural proficiency applied to students at Centennial, giving them all an opportunity to discuss and debate their own personal stance of the ideas regarding teachers, students, and overall environment/nature of the school.

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