Month: December 2016

Unique Holiday Traditions

Words: Lien Hoang

This year’s Winter Break gives students nine days of free time to spend with family and friends.

Winter Break allows everyone to relax away from school and celebrate the holidays with close ones. No matter what holiday, each family has their own unique traditions to celebrate.

Leah Alkire, a freshman in Centennial, said that she goes to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina every year with her family, “We always get a house by the beach and we have a lot of fun!”

When senior Daniela Thomas’s family is visiting, their tradition involves an empty suitcase at 12:00 am on New Years. “If you want to go on a trip the upcoming year, you have to take an empty [suitcase] and run around the block,” said Thomas.

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Orchestra Concert

Words: Mehnaz Ashraf

On Tuesday, December 13, the Centennial High School Music Department held their Orchestra Concert. Many parents and students came out to show their support and dedication for the musicians.

The showed started out with the String Ensemble playing “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and featured many soloists from Amanda Wang, Thomas Luo, Amilee Huang, Shun Shueh, Dylan Chao, Paulina Balderas, Lori Zhao, Anjali Gajendiran, Eric Novey, and Andy Lee. This performance was followed by “Fugue in G Minor”, “Fantasia on Greensleever”, “Heart of Fire”,  conducted by student intern Ms. Konopka from the Peabody Institute, and ended with “Christmas Waltz”.

There was a quick intermission after the “Christmas Waltz” in order for the String Orchestra to take their places on stage.

The String Orchestra featured many seniors playing a short version of their last winter Orchestra Concert. The performance started out with “Serenade for Strings” conducted by Mr. Leung and featured soloists from Mary Monroe and Peter Ho. It ended with the popular song “Sleigh Ride” conducted by Ms. Konopka. At the end of the show Mr. Leung took the time to give recognition to Daniel Wu, Suzi Byun, Siri Neerchal, Sahil Saini, Sean Cooley, and Ethan Lin, the seniors who made All State.

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Holiday DIY Ideas

Words: Laila Abughaida

Ornament Wreath:

Start off with a foam or straw wreath and an assortment of decorative glass ornaments in various sizes. To attach the ornaments, remove any hanging hooks and hot glue them to the wreath, starting with the largest ornaments then filling in any gaps with the smallest.

Mini Snow Globe Ornament:

Add a dab of hot glue to the bottom of a small toy plastic tree. Fit the tree into a large plastic clear ornament and push it in using a skewer. Next, use a funnel to add white glitter. Add more hot glue to the lid of the ornament to seal the lid tightly. Then tie with a bow using ribbon or twine on the top.

Wreath Snowman:

Wire three wreaths together, the smallest wreath on the top and the largest on the bottom, using two pieces of wire to connect each wreath. Add a hat at an angle on top of the smallest wreath. Wrap a scarf around where the small sized and medium sized wreath meet. Place boots on floor below wreath to look like feet. The wreath can be hung outside or inside.

Peppermint Sugar Scrub:

Take two cups of white granulated sugar and mix in a ⅓ cup of coconut oil. Add the oil slowly until you have a nice soft consistency that is not too heavy. Then add a few drops of peppermint essential oil. Once mixed together, divide the scrub into two equal parts in separate containers. Keep one part white and turn the other red by adding some raspberry juice. Pour the scrub into a jar, alternating between the red and white mixes. Decorate the jar as desired.

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Wrestling Wins Tri-Meet

Words: Zach Grable

On Tuesday, December 13, the Centennial Boys’ Varsity Wrestling team hosted the Howard Lions and Reservoir Gators for a tri-meet.

For the first time since 2002, the Eagles beat the Gators, 39-33. They also defeated the Lions, 45-33. Centennial (2-0) won the meet, beating both teams, while Howard (1-1) finished second, and Reservoir (0-2) came in last.

Seniors Ammar and Amr Narmouq, juniors Jacob Blyukher and Lucas Shapiro, and sophomore Jason Kraisser won their matches. According to coach Cliff Kraisser, these wrestlers should win most of their matches this season.

Centennial’s record now stands as 2-1 for in county, and 2-2 for overall. They hope to capture more wins as the season goes on, starting with the Bear Cave Brawl Tournament on December 17.

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Wrestling’s First Match of the Season

Words: Kieran Senisi

Photos: Zach Grable

On Tuesday, December 6, the Centennial Wrestling team faced off against the Oakland Mills Scorpions for the first match of the season.  

This year’s varsity captains are senior Amr Narmouq, junior Jacob Blyukher, and sophomore Jason Kraisser.  

Oakland Mills won the overall match with a score of 50 while Centennial had a total of 16 points.  Centennial has their next match on December 13 for the Multiteam Event at home.

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Boys’ Basketball Defeats Atholton in Season Opener

Words: Zach Grable

On Wednesday, December 7, the Centennial Eagles Boys’ Varsity Basketball team hosted Atholton High School for the 2016-17 season opener.

The gymnasium roared as the starting five on Centennial stormed the court. Fans were screaming and jumping as the referee threw the ball in the air for the first tipoff of the season.

The Eagles’ student section quickly died down as the Raiders scored 12 straight points. After a timeout was called by head coach Chad Hollwedel, Centennial got back into the game. As they started scoring more and more points, the fans got on their feet again. The home-court advantage pressured Atholton into making multiple turnovers throughout the second quarter. Clutch plays by senior Elijah White and juniors Andrew Hohmann and Kaleb Addisu contributed the most to the Eagle’s lead.

Throughout the third quarter, Centennial controlled the game. Atholton shortened the Eagle’s lead by a little, but a fast-break dunk by White made the gym shake. Centennial students and parents were going crazy as White celebrated with his teammates. This was a big turning point in the game as the Eagles maintained their momentum.

Centennial held on to win the game 60-55.

The team’s next game is against rival Mt. Hebron on December 14, at home.

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Students’ Favorite Holiday Memories

Words: Caroline Chu

With the winter holidays quickly approaching, many Centennial students look forward to celebrating and reminiscing on memories from previous years.

Junior Todd Hendrix’s fondest holiday memory is opening presents on Christmas morning. The classic tradition is a favorite for many people. Ishika Joshi, a sophomore, also looks forward to opening presents with her brother every year.

Joshi also said that her favorite holiday memory was visiting Disney World with her family for Christmas.

Senior Christina Thuzar loves many things about the holidays, including holiday lights and the break from school.

Jake Horen, a junior, enjoys looking at menorahs, a symbol of his Jewish faith.

Centennial’s students are eagerly anticipating this year’s holiday season and hope to make lasting memories.

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