Month: March 2017

Boys’ Basketball Falls to Wilde Lake in 3A Playoffs

Words: Zach Grable

On Thursday, March 2, the Boys’ Varsity Basketball team faced the Wilde Lake Wildecats for the third round of the 3A Playoffs.

The game started off very even with both teams playing to win. Though Centennial’s start was promising, Wilde Lake quickly took the lead and pulled away. Wilde Lake won the first quarter, 18-8.

The Eagles were down in second quarter, though they closed in on Wilde Lake. Junior Hayden Ford greatly impacted the comeback with outstanding rebounding and offensive plays. Down by five at halftime, the Eagles played, hoping to take the lead. 

In the third quarter, the Eagles came out hard. Senior Elijah White helped Centennial further close the gap between the teams  The fans roared, the players got excited, and everyone got on their feet as the Eagles showed their intensity. Still down three with five minutes left, the Eagles needed some quick points and stops to get a lead. At the end of the third quarter, the Wildecats led, 35-32.

The beginning of the fourth quarter was quiet on the boards as neither team could put in any shots. However, this changed very quickly when junior Andrew Hohmann got an and-one, hyping up the crowd. Unfortunately, Wilde Lake answered with a quick three followed by a lay-up. This silenced the fans for a short time, but yet another and-one, this time by White, pumped up the fans.

With 1:41 left in the game, the Wildecats coach called a timeout. Centennial was down three with 46.8 seconds left. Wilde Lake knocked down their free throws to put them up by five. With 16 seconds left, the Eagles were down six. A lay-up by Hohmann put the Eagles down by four with 11 seconds left.

The Eagles were unable to close the gap, and Wilde Lake won the game, 48-43.

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Wrestling State Championship

Words: Zach Grossman

On March 4, 2017, Centennial wrestlers senior Amr Narmouq and sophomorJason Kraisser competed in the 3A/4A State Wrestling Tournament.

Senior Amr Narmouq had a great run in the statewide tournament but had a devastating end to the tournament and his career. Narmouq won his opening match 11-6 which advanced him to quarterfinals. Narmouq’s second match resulted in a hard fought defeat which put him in the consolation bracket. Narmouq’s third and last match resulted in him dislocating his elbow and he was forced to withdraw from the tournament.  

After weighing in and warming up, Kraisser was ready to go. His opening match in the tournament resulted in a first round pin which allowed Kraisser to move onto the quarter finals. In the quarter finals, Kraisser once again accomplished a first round pin that advanced him to the semis, then to the finals. In the state championship, Kraisser had a 4-2 decision over Urbana High School’s Logan Arneson. Kraisser has now won two consecutive State Championships in the 138 lb. weight class.

Congratulations to Centennial’s wrestlers for a great season!

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Hallway Pass Enforcement

Words: Ashley Berry

By now, many students have noticed the new enforcement of hall passes by Centennial’s administration. It began with administrators guarding the hallway outside the cafeteria during lunch shifts, and it slowly moved to announcements regarding the requirement of hall passes.

On Monday, February 27, teachers began their hall duty shifts. This means that during every class period for the rest of the school year, there will be teachers stationed in different hallways checking to make sure students are carrying passes with them as they move from place to place. A schedule has been made for the rest of the year, and in order to carry out this plan, teachers must use a Program Implementation Period (PIP) for their hall duty shift five times every four weeks.

There have been many questions and concerns raised by students regarding the sudden enforcement, and some are confused and frustrated. Claire Hafets, the principal at Centennial, would like to address the student body, answering any questions or concerns they have, as well as keeping them informed with the new circumstances and requirements of hall passes.

Students, parents, and faculty members are encouraged to email any questions or concerns regarding the enforcement of hall passes to the administration.

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(Updated 3/3/2017 @9:21 a.m. to correct the type of period teachers use for hall duty)

Boys’ Basketball Moves on to Third Round of Playoffs

Words: Zach Grable

On Tuesday, February 28, the Boys’ Varsity Basketball team played the Long Reach Lightning in the second round of the 3A Playoffs.

Long Reach had a 9-0 lead in the first 5 minutes of the game. They were out scoring, out rebounding, and out hustling the Eagles. Centennial made a few adjustments to the lineup and subbed in junior Hayden Ford, who brought energy and intensity to the team. Centennial slowly began to come back but it wasn’t enough to get ahead by the end of the first quarter, and the Eagles trailed 19-7.

Though the Eagles closed the gap they were unable to take the lead from the Lightning. Senior Elijah White and junior Sean Taylor both helped the Eagles on the scoreboard and the defense slowed down Long Reach. The score of the second quarter was 29-21, with Centennial behind.

Coach Chad Hollwedel and the players electrified the Centennial fans as the team took its first lead of the game in the third quarter. The Eagles offense was fast-paced and menacing. Long Reach answered, but it was no match for the Eagles intensity. With just 5 minutes left in the game, Centennial led by one.

With Centennial up by four with two minutes left, the Lightning began to foul. Centennial went to the free throw line and knocked down the easy points. Long Reach had a bucket, and stole the ball back the following play. However, the Lightning lost the ball and any chance of tying the game. The Eagles won 61-57.

The Eagles play Wilde Lake on Thursday, March 2, for the third round of the 3A playoffs.

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