Centennial’s Vintage Voices Club

Words: Sarah Kruhm

Vintage Voices is a performance-oriented club in which members sing together and play instruments for residents at local senior homes. Sponsored by Ms. Kelly Borowski, the society hosted its first meeting of the new school year on September 28.

According to a few returning members, the recent assembly had the best turn out in two years! At the introductory meeting, Sophomores Maddie Hasson, Anisha Biswal, and Salma Touni announced themselves to the club as this year’s Co-Presidents and Vice President, respectively.

The board proceeded to introduce the upcoming assignments for the group, including the brainstorm of ideas of how to decorate Ms. Borowski’s classroom door for Homecoming. In addition, the council declared that each member will eventually audition for the school’s vocal music director, Ms. Berta Sabrio, to be properly placed in the most suited vocal range.

While these audition dates have not yet been released, Hasson and Biswal have ensured the group that no cuts will be made, and it is a purely informational process.

After the announcements were publicized, each member filled out a personal survey for the board to get to know the group better, as questions included a member’s vocal range and experience in choir. Although the club has just begun for the school year, its members should encounter a year full of exceptional recognitions and successful performances!

For more information on Vintage Voices and on how you can get involved, please email vintagevoiceschs@gmail.com or visit Ms. Borowski in room 908.

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