Month: September 2019

Centennial Promotes Action Against Climate Change

Words: Sarah Paz

Photos: Eliza Andrew

On Friday, September 20, Centennial students walked out of their classes at the beginning of
third period to support the global climate change movement. About 200 students gathered
together outside the school and protested for 15 minutes.

To encourage fellow students to take action against global warming, the walkout was initiated
and run by the Young Democrats club. The leaders, Lexi Fang and Sonia Saini, spoke at the
beginning of the walkout urging listeners to take a pledge to do their part in saving the Earth.
They turned the microphone over to students who agreed with the club’s advocacy. The walkout
was successful as it gathered a community of environmentally conscious students to advocate
for their beliefs.


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Centennial Volleyball Falls to Rival Mount Hebron

Words: Joey Sedlacko

Photos: Noorie Kazmi

On Thursday, September 19, the Centennial Volleyball team lost their second county game to rival Mount Hebron by a score of 3-1.

The volleyball team looks to bounce back this weekend when they take on Arundel High School on September 21.


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Concerns Arise Over Limited Club Interest in Homecoming Carnival

Words: Caleb McClatchey

As of Thursday afternoon, only 13 clubs had signed up for this year’s Homecoming Carnival. If the unusually low number holds through tomorrow’s registration deadline at 2:10pm, John Sharbaugh, nicknamed the “Carnival King” for his role as the event’s lead organizer, says he would recommend cancelling it.

“Thirteen booths at a carnival is not what we want. We need more for the carnival to be successful,” explained Sharbaugh. While the decision to cancel or proceed with the carnival ultimately lies with the administration, Sharbaugh would advise them to choose the former should the number of clubs remain unchanged through tomorrow’s end of the school day deadline.

Although Sharbaugh emphasized that there is no exact minimum number of clubs needed for the carnival to occur, he did mention that it would be best to have at least twenty booths at the carnival.

In order to sign up for the carnival, club sponsors must complete and submit a fundraising form to Cheryl Beall, Centennial’s bookkeeper, and notify her that they will have a Carnival booth.

As of now, the Homecoming Carnival is scheduled for Saturday, September 28 from 11:00am to 1:00pm. Clubs typically set up their booths and fundraise by offering games or selling food and drinks. According to Beall, around 40 clubs participated in the carnival last year. She estimated that clubs normally fundraise between $50 and $100 each, and around $3,000 total at the carnival. Losing this fundraising source could negatively impact many clubs because, as Sharbaugh pointed out, “the carnival is the main fundraising activity most clubs do all year.”

In past years, the carnival has been held on the Friday afternoon of Homecoming weekend, not Saturday morning as it is this year. According to Sharbaugh, the move came over concerns about the safety and supervision of students between the end of the carnival and the start of the football game. The lack of club interest in the Homecoming Carnival this year might be due, in part, to these scheduling changes.


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Centennial Boys’ Soccer Dominates Hammond in First Home Game

Words: Shawn Kruhm

Photos: Noorie Kazmi

On Tuesday, September 17, the Centennial Boys’ Soccer team defeated Hammond by a final score of 4-1. 

A tremendous defensive effort from the Eagles led to countless opportunities for the offense. Junior goalie Paul Russell led the defense and bailed the team out several times. Russell finished the game with 11 saves.

A slow offensive start for Hammond allowed Centennial to ease their way into the game. Nearly a quarter into the first half, sophomore Cameron Grable scored the team’s first goal. Despite gaining momentum, Hammond was able to tie the game shortly after.

Centennial pulled ahead just before halftime due to a phenomenal goal from junior Bryson Baker. Entering the second half with a one goal lead, the boys knew they had to come out strong. 

Sophomore Andrew Fritz had a strong varsity debut, scoring with 38:45 remaining in the second half. After taking a 3-1 lead, Centennial had put the game out of reach. 

The Eagles scored one final goal before the end of the game, coming from junior Kevin Salazar. Despite losing junior Tim Woerner and senior Elliott Keppler to injuries, the team was able to come out on top.

Centennial will play this Thursday, September 19 when they host Wilde Lake in hopes of getting their second win of the season.


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Centennial Field Hockey Falls Short in Tough Match Against Mount Hebron

Words: Shawn Kruhm

Photos: Melissa Notti

On Friday, September 13, the Girls’ Field Hockey team suffered their second loss. The devastating defeat unfortunately came against rival Mount Hebron. The final score was 6-0.

Despite the loss, junior Lily Sullivan made a tremendous effort to lead the offense throughout the game. Although only putting one shot on goal, Sullivan and the rest of the offense showed immense potential as Centennial moves forward through the season.

Senior Casey Stratton made 11 saves, but her attempts to hold off Mount Hebron were not enough. Although the defense was faced with several challenges, they were able to adjust and hold off the Vikings for the majority of the game.

The girls will travel to Old Mill Senior High School on Tuesday, September 17 as the team plans to bounce back in their third game of the regular season.


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Centennial Boys’ Soccer Nearly Complete Comeback Against Rival Mount Hebron

Words: Shawn Kruhm

Photos: Eliza Andrew

After taking a day to recover from a tough loss to Howard on Tuesday, the Boys’ Soccer team hit the road and faced off against their toughest rival. 

On Thursday, September 12, Centennial tied Mount Hebron in the team’s closest game thus far. The final score was 2-2 after the teams battled in not one, but two overtimes as neither team could pull away. 

Neither team was able to get anything going offensively in the opening 20 minutes. Shortly after that Centennial was able to take the first lead of the game.

With 18:40 remaining in the first half, junior Bryson Baker made a solo run down the left sideline. After beating his defender, Baker shot a rocket to the top right corner to beat the goalie. The visitors section, filled with Centennial students and parents, immediately rose to their feet to applaud the team.

Despite gaining momentum from Baker’s goal, Centennial’s defense was unable to hold the opposing offense as Mount Hebron scored before entering halftime. 

Both teams got off to another slow start to open the second half. Tremendous defense played by both teams resulted in equal possession time. 

Mount Hebron took the lead towards the middle of the second half and Centennial struggled to answer.

With under two minutes remaining in regulation, the game seemed nearly out of reach. After a fundamental tackle from senior Zach Grable, Baker dribbled the ball down the field. As defenders closed in, Baker made a flawless pass down the left side. 

Junior Tim Woerner received the ball and switched it towards the middle of the field. After dribbling past two defenders, Woerner found himself eight yards out with only the goalie in front of him. Woerner dropped the ball in the top left corner, giving the goalie no chance at a save.

The sea of white from Centennial’s student section erupted. The team had done the unexpected. Woerner scored the equalizer goal when just about everyone had lost hope. 

The game extended into two overtimes in which no one was able to score. The final score was 2-2. 

“I’ve been dealing with numerous injuries, so much so that this moment seemed impossible,” said Woerner. “Some people may just look at it as the equalizer, but for me this means everything, and this is just the beginning.”


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Centennial Varsity Girls’ Soccer Secures Victory after Strong All-Around Performance

Words: Joey Sedlacko

Photos:  Noorie Kazmi

On Tuesday, September 10, the Centennial Varsity Girls’ Soccer team won their first in-county game after defeating their opponent Howard High School by a score of 3-1. 

In the first half, Centennial struck first when senior Carolina Pellegrini scored the opening goal of the game with 7:30 left. Less than three minutes later, junior Olivia Antonelli added a goal of her own to increase the Eagles’ lead to 2-0. 

Multiple big saves by senior goalie Ashley Bilger in the first half kept Howard off the scoreboard and the Eagles went into halftime with the two-goal lead.

10 minutes into the second half, the Centennial offense was able to score their third straight goal of the game due to the efforts of senior Sarah Sopchick.

With 8:14 left in the game, Howard scored a goal to cut the Centennial lead to 3-1, but it was too late for Howard. The Eagles defense held strong and secured their first in-county victory. 

The girls’ soccer team looks to continue their undefeated season when they take on rival Mount Hebron High School at home on September 12.


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