The Results Are In (Charles Regnante)

President Obama scored himself a second term in the White House on Tuesday. He nabbed every single battleground state except for North Carolina. He even snatched Florida from Romney’s grasps. By winning this race, he has proven that his message about lifting the middle class resonates with the majority of voting Americans. This election was neither a landslide nor a tight race. Obama barely won the popular vote by acquiring 50% of the votes, compared to Romney’s 48%. Romney trailed Obama by a 2%-3% margin in most battleground states. Obama won the electoral vote with ease. His 303 electoral votes triumphed over Romney’s 206. All in all, both campaigns fought until the last round. Both candidates delivered punches to the other. They both stumbled and fell a few times, but they immediately got back on their feet the next time. But in the end, it was President Barrack Obama who delivered the knockout punch.