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SGA General Assembly Update

Words: Charles Regnante

Another successful SGA assembly was held on December 10th, 2012. The main topics discussed were the possible addition of a third dance and when to hold spirit days.

According to the President of SGA, Farhan Bader, the administration came to them “with the pressing issue that dance behavior (drinking, inappropriate dancing, and dress code) were inadequate (based off of homecoming and obviously previous years accumulating up to this), and if it continued to remain this way the students are at risk of losing the third dance (Back to School Night)…permanently.” SGA wants the students to have this dance, making it fun and enjoyable, while being on good terms with the administration at the same time. The proposal the SGA had was to send out a survey input on dances in general. Furthermore, they wanted to prove these dances pleasing to the administration. Another proposed idea from SGA was to add an extra school dance this year to make up for the missed back to school dance. If the dance is a success (students dance in a behaved manner), the school will incorporate Back to School Dance into next year’s school year.

In regards to the spirit days, Bader said, “we are trying to adapt a system of spirit days. Every month on a student’s graduating year the student wears his or her colors in correlation to the date. For instance, in my case every 14th of every month I would wear white (my grade’s color.)” During the assembly, some attendees wanted to have another week similar to the homecoming spirit week that would lead up to the spring pep rally. On the other hand, “Others liked the idea of having a spirit day every month because of its new twist on overall spirit, which students say Centennial lacks from time to time,” said Bader. When asked about the overall productivity of the general assembly, Bader replied, “Ms. Miller was present and it was easy for students to get straightforward answers from a representative of the administration. It would have been slightly more productive if we had a greater attendance, which SGA will improve with better communication for our January general assembly.”

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