How early is too early?


Words: Jordan Kudisch

Photo: Paul Didwall

The early birds catches the worm” is a popular phrase used by many, but how many of these people actually believe it?

Here’s a question for all high school students. Would you rather be starting school at 7:25 or 8:25? If you picked 8:25, you chose the obvious answer. According to The Los Angles Times, studies show that if students get at least eight hours of sleep at night they are less likely to feel irritated or unhappy when they began their first class. Making the transition could not only allow students to stay focused and motivated but also direct them away from the feeling of being sleepy. If students knew they would be getting up later they would go to bed earlier that way they could get enough sleep. Instead of the idea that “since their already awake what is the purpose of going to bed if school starts in a few hours?”

Students pray that the weather conditions allow them a few extra hours of sleep, but they should not be wishing for something that they need to maintain stable health. Schools should be giving the students just enough time and not give too much. Being healthy is something that will help the students who are working extremely hard all day; continue to do their best. Instead of doing everything half-fast just so they can rush home to catch up on their sleep. Sleep is a necessity to every human and when people feel like they aren’t getting enough of it that’s when things go down hill. Until changes can be made, the best we students can do is “dream about it” and get a few extra hours of sleep at night to perform our best at school.