National Writing Day Celebrated at Centennial

Photos: Anna Mitchell and Corey Grable

Words: Miranda Mason

On Tuesday, Oct. 29, Advanced Composition students at Centennial led the celebration of National Writing Day during all four lunch shifts.

National Writing Day is a day dedicated to writing and to answering the question of “why write?” During each lunch shift, the Advanced Composition students went around the cafeteria and provided each table with a writing-related activity, such as directions to write a six-word story or to take part in “Exquisite Corpse,” a writing game in which you must write one sentence based on the last line of the previous sentence.

Students were also able to write their answer to the “why write?” question on a poster, and the Advanced Composition students wore National Writing Day shirts with their answers to the question written on the back.

“It encourages kids to write,” said senior, and Advanced Composition student, Dana Yablon when asked why National Writing Day is important. “We think of writing essays, but we’re showing it’s much more than that.”

Junior Meghan Kelley, who participated in some of the writing activities during her lunch shift, agrees that today is beneficial to celebrate. “Ideas get to mix together,” said Kelly.