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The Wingspan

Spring Break Fever (Jordan Kudisch)

Four extensive weeks until freedom, otherwise known as spring break. Now you’re probably one of the many students tapping their pencils on their desk and struggling to fight the spring fever. Sitting in a chair and taking notes for six tedious hours a day, doesn’t seem to be on your agenda. Basking in the sun and scrunching your toes in the warm sand, sounds more like it.

“Guys, we still have plenty of time. Sit down and get to work. Spring break isn’t coming anytime soon.” Shouted Mrs. Galaente to all her eager students.  That seems to be the problem, our minds are everywhere and anywhere but here; where they’re most needed.

The wait may affect academic performances because the thought of having to study on the last day before the break seems pointless. Being an impatient student myself these exact words cross my mind all the time, “Let it be 2:10, come on, come on, COME ON ALREADY!”

Is the wait too long or long enough?

On the contrary, there’s a sense of relief after these six straight hard-working weeks. The thought that all your work is turned in and you can kick back and relax could be a huge stress reliever and make spring break even more enjoyable. On the other hand, trying to pay attention is easier said than done.  Listening to the teacher ramble on sounds less entertaining than riding a roller coaster, sleeping in, swimming at the beach, hanging with friends…see you’re already jumping out of your seat to join in on the long awaited activities.

No matter what, the wait continues. I guess we just have to stick to daydreaming until March 30, at exactly 11:10.

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