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Foster The People Coming Back Better Than Ever

Words: Bushra Lohrasbi

Foster the People is an American indie pop band that has a more unique sound than most. They started off as a band in 2009 and hit up the radio charts in 2011 after their catchy song, “Pumped up Kicks” came out.  After having their hit song on the radio 24/7, it seemed as though they dropped off the face of the planet. Fans were ready for new material, and more music to connect with.

Their latest album, Supermodel, was originally announced to be released in November of 2013. However, according to Columbia Records, a scare of the album being rushed to be released was evident, and was then decided to move back the date to January of 2014.

Well, Columbia Records was right. Supermodel, which was released on January 14, 2014, was definitely worth the wait. The vocals and the heavy drums and guitar in most of their songs on this album are hypnotizing.

The second single on the Supermodel album is “Pseudologia Fantastica.” Undoubtedly, this is my favorite song on the entire upcoming album, and even from their last album. A sense of nostalgia goes through your mind while listening, yet you aren’t sure what it’s from. A heavy drum is carried throughout the entire song, with echoes of lead and background vocals.

The lyrics may not seem relevant when you are listening to the band behind the vocals, but taking one look behind the scenes, you can’t stop thinking about the deep meaning that the band is trying to convey. Foster the People start the song off with a strong and heavy message of all the vanities of the world, and all the promises broken to help these erroneous doings.

Say you in the morning it seems
As I could chop one of us seeking life in
Through words bend the teeth through the wall
I promised I would rid the world of feral animals

The very last verse of the song is powerful and extremely meaningful.

You’ve got to look around a certain field
Come down to roast the flesh of some beginning
You’ve got to get back up and face your demons
Don’t ever be afraid of starting over.

It’s almost like a cry for help for the rest of the song, saying that when all the wrong things go wrong, that one person that you depend on all the time will not be there, and you will be lost.  The one message that I took away was that you need to become your own person, and to never be timid of pursuing what you think is best for you, after facing rejection.

After four long years of waiting, Supermodel did not disappoint. Every song has a unique sound that somehow strings all the pieces together.

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