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Seussical Knocks Peoples Socks Off (Aqsa Rauf)

Centennial Presents the Spring Musical

From March 22-25, Centennial’s auditorium was packed with people clamoring to see Seussical, the spring musical. The cast and crew did a great job performing. The singing was phenomenal and the dancing was great. Also, the costumes had bright colors and suited the characters very well. The performance was well put together. I was really thrilled to come and watch.

I thoroughly enjoyed the performances and the end was shocking. I especially loved the singing of Ann Marie Demme, Rose Wallace, Nick Mercer, and Montria Walker. I thought the whole cast totally rocked it. The cast and crew left no place for disappointment. They brought their best efforts and definitely made the audiences laugh and have a good time. The play was a mix of Dr.Seuss’ stories such as “Horton Hears a Who,” “Yertle the Turtle,” “The Cat in the Hat,” and “I Had Trouble Getting to Solla Sollew”.

The musical kicked off as The Cat in the Hat (Rose Wallace) started to tell a story to JoJo (Ann Marie Demme) about Horton (Nick Mercer) hearing the Whos. JoJo is a Who himself and is the son of Whoville’s new mayor (Nial Musonda). One day, Horton, an elephant, finds a speck of dust on a clover speaking to him, which happens to be the planet of the Whos. The Whos are troubled because a war is approaching endangering their planet. Horton struggles to save the Whos but faces many obstacles. Horton goes on adventures that he never dreamed of and ends up saving the Whos, with help from JoJo and Gertrude (Carey Whittenberger), The bird with a one-feathered tail.

All the cast did a mind-blowing job playing their parts. The singing was really classy. People who came were definitely treated to an incredible performance.

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