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The Wingspan

Lines of Love Coffee House

Words: Jacob Mauer

On Jan. 30, Lines of Love hosted their third annual coffee house. The doors to the event opened at 6:00 pm at Centennial High School. Once $4 was paid as admission, the audience could take their seats before the performances began. Special performances were give by “Awkward,” a club focused around improvisational theatre, E-Hos, and Patrick Donovan among others.

The night began with Amaal Yazdi who presented poems that she wrote. After Yazdi, Tori Green and Michael Jansto performed together. Green sang while Jansto played along with his guitar. Following immediately after their songs, Tyler Adams both sang and played instrumentals for Bon Jovi’s “Dead or Alive” along with other classics. Skyler Betz was next in the show and sang “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.  She also gave the audience a demo of her own album. Last before the intermission was Centennial’s own “Awkward.” Included in their performances were acts of “telephone,” along with an act of funny, on the spot reactions to typical situations. The game of “telephone” started with the audience creating a story.  The first person in Awkward would then retell it to the second person only using actions. Then the second Awkward member would retell the story using words to the next member who would act it out, etc.

Intermission began after Awkward was finished and lasted roughly ten minutes. Refreshments and food were served. Foods such as cupcakes and cookies were brought and beverages included hot chocolate and coffee, as would be expected for a coffee house. Eddie Chow kept the event alive after the intermission with multiple performances including “Always,” along with others. At the end of Eddy’s performance, E-hos, the professional Hip Hop Artist/Entertainer from West Philadelphia, took to the stage and raised the crowd’s involvement by having sections of his song be sung by the crowd on his cue. Patrick Donovan arrived slightly late the show, but time was filled in nicely by E-Hos’ performance. When Donovan arrived, they sang and played together until the end of the show at seven.

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