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NHS is Bringing World Fest to Centennial

Words: Ashley Berry

With the school’s variety of traditions and cultures, Centennial High School’s National Honor Society is working to make World Fest a success.

Once called International Night, World Fest will be held on Friday, March 20 at 6:00 p.m. at Centennial. World Fest is an afterschool festival with cultural food, music, fashion, dances, and activities to showcase Centennial’s diverse students.

NHS as a whole has been preparing for World Fest for months. Katherine Chiu, the president of NHS, said, “Those that are on the NHS Executive Board and World Fest Committee have been working since roughly November and general NHS members began working in February. Each NHS member is putting in a lot of time and effort to prepare for the event.”

Many planned events will take place throughout the night such as a gallery walk, workshops, a talent show and a fashion show. Chiu said, “On top of all of that, we’ll be having a scavenger hunt. The language department teachers have organized a hunt where those that complete it successfully get a free Centennial High School lanyard and possibly extra credit as well!”

At World Fest, NHS members will be doing a variety of things. They will be fundraising by selling their cultural foods, sharing cultural activities and information, participating in workshops and performing in the talent and fashion shows. Chiu said, “We have a wonderfully diverse and talented NHS! Everything that is happening at World Fest has been organized by our wonderful NHS and NDA members.”

NHS feels people should attend because “they can eat amazing food, participate in amazing workshops and activities, and watch amazing fashion and talent shows.” Some of the workshops and activities they will be having are: Chinese Fan, Greek Masks, African Dance, Origami, Chinese Yo-Yo, Poetry from Around the World, Irish Dance, Korean Pop, Belly Dance, and more.

“My favorite part about World Fest is that it is a collaborative event. It’s hosted by both NHS and NDA and benefits every club and organization in the school that chooses to participate. Not only is it bringing us together and educating us culturally, it’s supporting the interests and endeavors that out students of these various cultures choose to participate in,” said Chiu.

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