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Tame Impala Review

Words: Madhu Lal

On Saturday June 6, Tame Impala, an Australian epiphany pop band, performed at Echostage. This performance served as the band’s last stop in their 2015 tour, which showcased their new album, “Currents”. During their last performance, the band played a variety of songs from a multitude of their past albums along with new singles.

Songs like, Elephant, Half Full Glass of Wine, and Mind Mischief were played during the course of the concert, as well as songs from the new album like, She’s a Man. Although a majority of the songs performed were distinct and easily recognizable, the band still was able to add different layers of sound by changing chords and using effect pedals to alter the sound of their instruments, adding an interesting aspect to the show.

From end to finish, Tame Impala shook the concert hall, each chord permeated through every member of the crowd and rumbled through the walls. Throughout the night, the deep bass, entrancing guitar, and profusion of amplifiers and effect pedals associated with Tame Impala’s sound, united the crowd. “Currents” takes Tame Impala’s usual psychedelic epiphany pop sound to a deeper and more hypnotizing level, keeping listeners interested from beginning to end.

Apart from the music, the engaging stage performance also sent waves of excitement throughout the venue. With each song came a different light and screen show. The screen behind the performers changed in flashes of color pulsing to the beat, while the sounds of the lead singer’s voice lingered over the heads of the singing audience. The flawlessly executed performance sent fans into a fit of singing and swaying to nostalgic classics and new and enticing singles. The awe-inspiring performance at Echostage and the enthusiastic aura of the crowd seemed like the ideal way to end the band’s tour.

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