The Front Bottoms are “Back on Top”

Words: Meghan Moore

The wait is over; The Front Bottoms are back with a renewed but comforting sound. Back on Top is the New Jersey based band’s first album since signing with record label Fueled By Ramen. The new album was released on September 18, 2015.

With songs from the album such as “West Virginia” and “Cough It Out” being released as its own EP, it was no secret to fans that a new album was in the works. Finally, the time has come to hear the highly anticipated track.

The Front Bottoms have managed to improve upon their sound, while keeping in touch with the root of their original, acoustic sound. Tracks like “Laugh Till I Cry” or “ HELP” are a perfect homage to what The Front Bottoms are all about: unshakable choruses and upbeat tempos.

However, it wouldn’t be a true album of theirs without a handful of songs with touching lyrics accompanied by an upbeat tempo. Songs like “Historical Cemetery” or “Plastic Flowers,” emulate the darker yet more sensitive side of the band.

The album has been well received by both fans and critics, and gives a promising future to a new era of The Front Bottoms.

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