Mr. Zehe’s New Position

Words: Vaishnavi Mahalingam

One of Centennial’s Assistant Principals, Kevin Dorsey, has moved to Lake Elkhorn Middle School, effective Thursday, November 12. Social Studies teacher Jim Zehe has taken over Dorsey’s position temporarily, and is expected to remain as a substitute administrator until the end of the year. A long-term substitute teacher, Heather Witt, has been hired to teach Zehe’s government and psychology classes.

Zehe will have responsibility over the same student group as Dorsey: students with last names from A to I. Additionally, he will supervise the Social Studies and Business and Computer Management Systems departments. He will have lunch duty and will continue to sponsor the clubs that he supervised as a teacher.

“It’s a complete switch,” he commented, in regards to the changes in his responsibilities.

Zehe stated that in his new position, he is looking forward to interacting with a diverse group of Centennial students in settings outside of the classroom. He is also hoping to better understand how things work at the front office, student services, and perhaps even at the county level. “Then, when I return to teaching, I will have a broader perspective on the job,” said Zehe.

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