Studying Tips

Words: Meghan Moore

With midterms just around the corner, here are some study tips that may make take some of the edge off theses exams.


Underlining/Highlighting- As simple as this sounds, underlining or highlighting the key ideas or vocabulary of what a person is studying will go a long way. Doing this will help make main ideas and words easier to understand.


Flashcards- Easy to access and to make, flashcards provide a simple and easy way to memorize concepts. Whether it is a foreign language, English vocabulary, math formulas, or important historic dates, flashcards make studying easy and stress free.


Color Coding- A more organizational approach, color coordinating gives way to a more structured approach to studying and categorizing in a way that can be adapted for each individual.


Practice on Old Tests/Quizzes- Looking back on how a person interpreted or worked on certain concepts a long time ago can refresh the brain. As well as being able to see what a person did right, and what they’ll know not to do again.


Take Regular Breaks- As overwhelming as huge exams seem, it is important not to drown in all of the information. Study for about thirty minutes and then break for fifteen minutes. Not only will this give a person time to relax and decompress, but it will also help the brain better process the information that it has just received.

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