Music Outside of Choir

Words: Diana Cagas

There is more to music than being enrolled in choir class. To some people, music is just an elective. To others, it is a hobby, and to everyone else, music is their life. Those who have a passion for music do a lot more with it outside of just being involved with choir.

Freshman Matt Sorak is currently in Centennial’s Concert Choir. Besides being a singer, he is also involved with the theatre program. Sorak has been enrolled in choir class since he was in seventh grade, and has had an interest in acting since he was in third grade.

Sorak’s passion for music came from his parents who encouraged him and his brothers to work with music, and hopes to become a musical theatre actor, director, and writer. He is currently in the production of Pippin by Stephen Schwartz. According to Sorak, the whole cast is made up of Young Columbians, which is a group of extremely talented musical actors. They have performed in places including The Kennedy Center, The Lincoln Theatre, and The White House.

“[Being enrolled in choir and theatre programs] is very good experience for me to get better at what I hope to do in the future,” said Sorak.

Another student who is involved with music is freshman Ashley Xu. She is currently in Centennial’s Women’s Choir, Bella Voce. Outside of Centennial’s walls, Xu is a second-year member of Peabody’s Children’s Chorus’s highest group called Cantate. Being a part of the group, Xu had the opportunity to perform in Austria and Germany during the summer of 2015. “It was an incredible experience,” she said. Xu also performed in the All State Junior Chorus and takes piano lessons weekly.

Music has been a part of Xu’s life since she was young. “Part of the reason I do music is to inspire others as much as it inspires me,” she said.

Xu joined choir because it allowed her to interact and build friendships. Although she does not plan to major in music professionally, she is positive that music will remain important to her in the future.

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