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Beijing Students Visit Centennial

Photos Provided by The Wingspan Staff

Words: Minnie Gregorini

On Friday, September 30, around 60 students from Beijing High School #101 visited Centennial from 9-11:30 in the morning.

The students were a part of an orchestra program and came to observe the workings of our own orchestra class. The 60 students went to third period classes with many of our Eagle Ambassadors, and were amazed at some of the differences between our school and theirs. Some of the students from Beijing wanted to see a gym class more than anything else.

“All we do everyday in PE is run in circles,” said freshman Li Zhong Ming. “It isn’t fun. I imagine American PE classes having more fun.”

Other students, such as Sui Yi Yuan and Zheng Zhao Yi, stated that what they wanted to do most was eat local food. When asked what they thought local food was, Sui responded, “Hamburgers. I see Americans eating a lot of hamburgers.”

Overall, when asked about their time in America so far, there seemed to be a consensus of joy at being given the opportunity to come here and experience the way we live as Americans and as Centennial High School students.

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