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Centennial Red Cross Blood Drive

Words: Maggie Ju

Centennial Red Cross will be holding its annual blood drive on December 22 in the auxiliary gym. Forms are available until December 15 at the Red Cross table outside the cafeteria during lunch.

Blood donors must be at least 16 years of age and in good health. Donors 18 or younger should weigh at least 110 pounds, but there are additional weight requirements that vary for gender and age.

“The blood is donated to Red Cross blood centers,” said the Centennial Red Cross Board, “after running some tests on the blood, they distribute it to hospitals.”

Blood donations help victims of disasters as they recover. Currently, the American Red Cross is in critical need of O Negative and B Negative blood, but donations of all blood types are welcomed.

For more information, contact Centennial Red Cross at

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Maryland All-State Music Students Announced

Words: Sarah Kruhm

Please congratulate the following students on being accepted as wind players to the Maryland All-State Junior and Senior ensembles. CHS band students occupy nearly 10% of All-State ensemble wind sections, more than any other high school in the state. The Centennial students recently welcomed include:

Hyungjoo Han (flute alternate), Emmeline Murphy (oboe), Asha Kline (bassoon), Alexa Patnaude (clarinet), Tomas Germanas (clarinet), Samuel Cheng (clarinet), Richard Gao (clarinet), Larry Du (clarinet), Colin Eng (baritone saxophone), Joshua Oberly (trumpet), Joseph Tsaiho (trumpet), Carter Matties (trumpet), Alexander Chen (tuba), John Sedor (percussion), Helen Yang (clarinet), Nadine Meister (clarinet), Kevin Xu (clarinet), Shane Hou (tenor saxophone), Keegan McCardell (horn), Joanna Park (horn), Tobi Ajiboye (trombone), Jack Keane (trombone), and Norman Zhang (trombone alternate).

The following students are being accepted into Junior and Senior All State Orchestra. Kudos on their hard work and getting into such a prestigious ensemble.

Senior All State members are as follows: Violin 1: Alice Lin*, Angela Kou, Emily Kim, and Allen Wang. Violin 2: Nicole Meister*, Nicole Lee*, Leah Mitchell, Vicki Li, Joon Park, Ruoheng Zeng, and Joshua Qiu. Viola: Jisoo Choi*, Steven Hu, and Ethan Lin. Cello: Hannah Kim, Peter Ho, and Genevieve Lee.

*Placed in top 4 and will audition for section leader.

Junior All State members are as follows: Violin: Aaron Chen, Helen Li, and Justin Liang. Viola: Melody Chu.

Congratulations to freshman Sean Kim on winning the Howard County High School GT Orchestra concerto competition. Sean plays cello and his concerto will be featured in the BSO side by side concert in February at the Meyerhoff.

Also congratulations to sophomore Leah Mitchell on winning 2nd place in the 2017 Friday Music Morning Club Strings Competition. She received a cash award of $700.

The following students were accepted in to the Maryland All State Choir: Ana Cunningham, Nicole Ouellette, Kai Daley, Anika Huang, Rachel Harris (Soprano Alternate), Moitri Kazi (Alto Alternate), Lauren Herr, Sabrina Ochoa, Srija MakkapatiCaroline Shimeall, Ashley Xu, Charu Dwivedi, Shardul RakshitWilliam QuAntariksh Tulshyan, and Ameya Sriram.

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House of Delegates Candidate Visits Centennial’s Young Democrats Club

Words: Natalie Knight-Griffin

On Tuesday, November 28, Maryland House of Delegates 9B candidate Dan Medinger spoke to Centennial’s Young Democrats club.

Medinger introduced himself by walking around the room and shaking the hands of each student, making a personable first impression. The meeting began by Medinger explaining his intention to discuss local issues, changes he hopes to make, and how teenagers can be activists in their community. He described himself as a progressive democrat, former journalist, environmentalist, and local businessman, having started an advertising company with his wife.

Medinger detailed his views on transportation, climate change, healthcare, and education. As his address came to a close, the club’s members were open to ask questions. Students inquired on Medinger’s ideas to lower college tuitions and his economic views as a liberal small-business owner. He then offered each of the Young Democrats an opportunity to be a part of his campaign and fight for important community issues.

The meeting came to a close with Medinger having personal, one-on-one discussions with the students before taking a group photo.

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Centennial Holds Jump Start Information Meeting

Words and photos: Maggie Ju

On Tuesday, November 28, an information session for the Howard County Public School System’s new JumpStart program was held in the Centennial High School auditorium from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Various speakers were given the opportunity to speak, and the audience amassed well over 100 attendees.

The key speaker was Bill Barnes, the HCPSS Chief Academic Officer, who explained in detail the eligibility, merits, and cost of participating in JumpStart. The choices available are not open to all grade levels, and Barnes emphasized that students would have to prepare for rigorous work. Despite the challenges, he remained optimistic about enrollment.

“I am so encouraged by the turnout tonight, just for interest,” Barnes said.

Aaron Alder, Howard Community College’s Assistant Director of Admissions, expanded on what was previously stated by Barnes. With the main “Flexible” and “Structured” programs split into subcategories, it is not difficult to find the one that is right for each prospective participant.

“I know there’s a lot of different program options, and they seem confusing,” Alder said, “but just let us know who you are, and we can help guide you to the right thing.”

Other people who shared their experiences included a former JumpStart student, his mother, and a cybersecurity manager at HCPSS’ Applications and Research Laboratory. They agreed that the program was extremely beneficial and a great advantage to students.

JumpStart, a partnership between HCPSS and HCC, gives high school students the opportunity to enroll in college courses and earn college credit. It was proposed as an incentive to relieve overcrowding, as JumpStart students from Centennial, Howard, and Long Reach would attend classes at Oakland Mills and River Hill.

JumpStart will be implemented beginning in the 2018-2019 school year in lieu of the proposed redistricting plan.

More information can be found at and from high school guidance counselors.

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Superintendent Martirano Speaks About Future Redistricting

Words: Zach Grable

Acting Superintendent of Howard County, Michael J. Martirano, presented a proposal back in June addressing overpopulation and redistricting throughout the county. After a several month long process, the Board of Education has officially commended its forthcoming plan to to be implemented for the 2018-2019 school year.

Superintendent Martirano previously stated in a press release that “when we balance our school capacities, we can achieve equity of educational delivery. The study recommendations take us closer to that goal.”

The community of Centennial, as well as Mount Hebron, Howard, and Long Reach, are affected by this. It was suggested by people and board members that a new school be built to help with the overpopulation. In May of 2016 Kittleman signed an agreement for the purchasing of a new high school. The $23.1 million dollar piece of land expands 70 acres and is as big as two high schools.

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Centennial Boys Soccer Emerge As Regional Champions

Words: Parker Subasic

Photos: Sydney Beck

On November 7, our Centennial Eagles drove two and a half hours in the pouring rain to take on James M. Bennett High School in the 3A regional championship boys soccer game. Both teams came out blazing with aggressive defense and intense shots being taken.

JM Bennett scored with five minutes left in the first half, shortly after Centennial junior Hamzah Elhabashy scored with an assist from senior Nick Haskins making the score 1-1 at the end of the first half. Starting out the 2nd half, James M. Bennett quickly scored on the Eagle defense, but the high-powered Centennial offense quickly answered back with a goal from Haskins.

Toward the end of the second half, junior Matt Merkey scored making it 3-2 Eagles. Referees made a huge call to give James M. Bennett a penalty kick, which they took advantage of and tied the score 3-3. This sent the game into overtime, where neither team scored. This brought the game into double overtime.

Elhabashy drilled a dagger of a goal into the upper left corner of the goal to seal his second goal for the night as well as a win for the Eagles.

“I felt a huge adrenaline rush right after I scored, when I saw the ball hit the net I was going insane.” said Elhabashy.

The last time Centennial boys soccer won a regional championship was 21 years ago in 1996. Our Eagles will be playing for the semi-state title on Saturday, November 11 at Linganore High School.

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Marching Bands Come Together In Showcase

Words: Natalie Keane

On Monday, October 23, hundreds of Howard County’s marching band students from Hammond, Howard, Long Reach, Reservoir, and Centennial gathered onto Centennial’s turf to showcase their skills and dedication with the community.

Rather than competing against each other, the marching bands attending the showcase gave nothing but support to one another while others were performing. The routines were a great way for the marching bands to see the things that are happening outside of their school, as well as create bonds with students from other schools with the same interests.

“It’s wonderful to see our students develop relationships with students at other schools in a non-competitive atmosphere,” said David Matchim, Centennial’s band director.

The first showcase started in 2016, with only three schools, Hammond, Howard, and Centennial attending. This year, Long Reach and Reservoir also took part.

“We hope to have more schools participate in the future,” Matchim said.

No matter how large or small the bands were, the performances proved how much work each had put into the shows since August.