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Sharbaugh Wins Teacher of the Year for First Time

Words: Meghan Moore

Photos: Laila Abu-Ghaida

On February 14, Centennial seniors showed their love for their 2018 teacher of the year: John Sharbaugh. Sharbaugh teaches ninth grade English, and he came to Centennial when this year’s seniors were freshmen.

Voting began in senior English classes during the last week of January. The award is very meaningful to teachers, as it’s proof that they’ve made an impact on the lives of their students. It symbolizes the relationship that a teacher has built with their students over the years.

Walking through the English hallway at Centennial, one can see how Sharbaugh interacts with the students. He can be seen joking with students, making people laugh no matter what.

When Sharbaugh was revealed to be the winner, a student government member read some of the things students said when voting for him. They mentioned how he changed the way students viewed English and that he made writing fun.

“His class was never boring, I never dreaded going to his class,” senior Saraiah Khaled shared.

As Teacher of the Year, Sharbaugh will be the keynote speaker at graduation in May. Congratulations to Sharbaugh from the Wingspan team.

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A Sweet Surprise: Krispy Kreme Announces Opening in Catonsville

Words: Sarah Kruhm

Nothing compares to the feeling of pure satisfaction when first biting into a fresh doughnut, and nothing tastes quite as good as the original Krispy Kreme. This spring, Krispy Kreme will open a new location in Catonsville. Previously a McDonald’s fast-food restaurant, the store will be established at 6447 Baltimore National Pike. This ideal and convenient location is only eight miles from Centennial High School, situated east of U.S. Route 40 in Baltimore County. The advantageous distance is a huge triumph for the Centennial community, which has not had a store this close since the Krispy Kreme in Columbia closed in 2009.

Senior Sydney Grossman disclosed her love for Krispy Kreme doughnuts and revealed how she is a very dedicated fan.

“As a kid, I went to Krispy Kreme every week with my family,” Grossman said. “They serve the best donuts in the entire universe.”

Founded in North Carolina in 1937, Krispy Kreme has established numerous store locations nationwide and worldwide. Known for its red “hot light” announcing fresh, hot glazed doughnuts made in-store everyday, Krispy Kreme is a unique fan-favorite.

The Krispy Kreme in Catonsville is preparing for its grand opening on March 20, and is currently hiring employees for various job opportunities.

“We are hiring applicants who are 16 and older,” General Manager Sherri Koblinsky confirmed. “The best part about Krispy Kreme is hiring a great team and building a family.”

Koblinsky hopes to positively impact the community through various fundraisers and to enlist the community’s support for these public programs.

Senior Allison Brown expressed her enjoyment for Krispy Kreme and her excitement towards the store opening.

“I can’t wait for this new location in Catonsville!” Brown exclaims, “I have three gift cards I can finally use.”

As students start to struggle through the beginning of the second semester, Krispy Kreme will provide a sweet salvation for students to help relieve their stress and sorrow.

“I have been hoping that one would open near us again. I will definitely be making the trip to Catonsville to visit my favorite food establishment,” Grossman confessed.

If you are interested in applying for a position, or wish to learn more about the store opening, visit or contact Krispy Kreme Catonsville through Facebook. For more information about the Krispy Kreme franchise, visit

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Breaking: HCPSS Makes Decision to Shorten Spring Break

Words: Eliza Andrew

On the night of February 8th, Howard County Public School System’s Superintendent Michael J. Martirano decided to shorten the county’s spring break from five school days, to two school days. The new spring break will now be from March 30-April 3, removing April 4-6.

This decision was made following two additional snow days this past week, totaling the county’s number of inclement weather days to four. There is a necessity to make up these days in order to meet the required 180 days of school to complete the year.

May 18 has been designated as a make-up half day instead of the proposed February 19, which would have taken a day away from President’s Day weekend, but was not due to budgetary reasons.

June 15 has been left as an option for another make-up day, if another snow day were to occur. That is the last day that can be taken off of summer due to the state mandated end of the year.

This day has been left as a final resort because of the Muslim holiday that falls on this day. No school testing or activities can be held on this day, and only attendance would be required. If any additional days are needed, HCPSS will petition the Maryland States Board of Education for a waiver of the remainder of days.

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Friends of Music Bingo Night

Words: Maggie Ju

On Friday, February 23, Centennial High School’s Friends of Music, a fundraising group for the CHS music programs, will host a bingo night and a silent auction in the cafeteria from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Entry is $10 per person or $40 for a family of five, and includes a dauber and a bingo card with three plays each round. Payment is with cash or via Square at the door. The event will also feature performances from CHS Jazz Band students.

Prize basket donations of various themes are needed for the silent auction. Donors should indicate their planned donations in the SignUpGenius and give them to one of the music directors by Thursday, February 15. Concession donations may be brought the night of the event between 6:30 and 7 p.m.

Concessions and Giant Food gift cards will be available for purchase. All proceeds from the event support the CHS band, orchestra, and chorus programs.

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Yearbook Club Photos Schedule

Words: Maggie Ju

Lifetouch will take photos of individual clubs at Centennial on February 9 and 10. The photo schedule is posted outside the cafeteria. Each club only has five minutes, so everyone must arrive promptly at the designated time. The first groups to be photographed are the honor societies, which are large and require more time to organize. All other clubs that submitted forms are scheduled in alphabetical order.

In the event of a delay or cancellation on Wednesday, the schedule will be pushed back one day. If there is a delay on Thursday, both days will be rescheduled to next week.

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Howard County Welcomes Vanderpool Into Women’s Hall of Fame

Words: Josh Horen

Photos: Zach Grable

On Saturday, February 3rd, Centennial’s own Athletic Manager Jean Vanderpool was inducted into the Howard County Women’s Hall of Fame.

Vanderpool joins an elite group of women who have played, coached, or been a part of some legendary sports teams.

Vanderpool has been the Athletics Director here at Centennial High School since 2004.

Not only has Vanderpool been the Athletic Director for fourteen years and running, but she has also served as the chairperson for the Howard County tennis tournament since 2001, and also coordinates the county’s tennis program.

Being inducted into the 2018 Howard County Women’s Hall of Fame is just another accolade Vanderpool has added to her already impressive resume.

In 2004, she was elected Tennis Coach of the year by both the Baltimore Sun and the Washington Post.

This past year she was named the District V Athletic Director of the year, her first time winning the award.

What doesn’t count as an accolade, however, is the good things people say about her.

Mrs. Grimm, head Varsity Softball coach here at Centennial High School, has very high praise for Vanderpool.

“I consider Ms. Vanderpool to be a great mentor & friend to me.  She has always supported me as a coach in the athletic department and as a colleague in the building… Ms. Vanderpool makes sure that both girls and boys teams have comparable quality of equipment and uniforms,” Grimm shared

Grimm went on to talk about how Vanderpool always ensures the cleanliness and the safety of the facilities in use.

“She really deserves this honor and I’m so happy for her.  Her door is always open, so stop in and say hi and get to know her—you won’t regret it.”

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Breaking: Time Changes for Next School Year Nixed

Words: Delanie Tucker

On December 19, 2017 the Howard County Public School System made their final decision in regards to the opening and closing times of all Howard County schools during the 2018-2019 school year: they will remain the same.

On February 23, 2017, the Board of Education of Howard County released a School Start and Dismissal Time Committee Report which laid out an overview of the process of changing all HCPSS schools. To address the problem of new times, the HCPSS superintendent at the time, Renee Foose, established a School Start and Dismissal Time Committee. They developed a five-phase process to analyze the issue, including multiple opportunities for feedback from the community.

Since then, information has been released that states a meeting held on December 19, 2017 has brought the discussion to an end. The board had made their decision. They have decided that, although there was a lot of effort put into the new models, no change will be made to the schedules. Taking into consideration the impacts of each model, they came to the conclusion that the schools would not benefit from the changes. Instead, it would have majorly increased the amount of money spent on transportation to and from school, adding costs ranging from $6.2 million to $9.1 million per year.

All of the original motions passed that implemented the changes have been rescinded.

According to the February 23, 2017 report, a motion was passed on April 28, 2016 to direct staff to explore models that made it so middle schools and high schools wouldn’t open until after 8:15 AM. At a Board of Education meeting on November 17, 2016 the staff presented four new models for opening and closing times, considering the impact of each. As a result, the staff was directed to move on with stage four, which was to solicit additional stakeholder feedback through community forums and report findings from community forums to the BoE for action. They were also directed to implement an online forum to gather stakeholder feedback regarding the possible models.

The feedback from the community forums was presented to the BoE on January 12, 2017. A Public Hearing was held on February 7, 2017.

Currently, all Howard County schools begin between 7:25 and 9:30. With the high schools being the early birds, most students have to wake up before the sun is even up. In an attempt to  fix the problem, the BoE proposed that high schools would open at 8:30, and the middle schools would follow shortly after at 9:15.

The elementary school times would have been earlier than before. With the model, their school day would have started around 8:15, putting them in a similar situation as the high schools.

As of December 1, 2017, Brian Bassett, a Senior Communication Strategist for HCPSS, stated that nothing had been finalized yet.

“Last year, [The Board of Education] passed a motion that narrowed the school start window from 8:15-9:25 a.m. for next year, but the start times for each level (elementary, middle, and high) have not yet been determined,” Bassett said, “I know that this is something that the Board is still considering and all options are still on the table. Any discussion of the topic will be discussed at a public Board meeting, which has not been scheduled.”

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