Technology’s Impact on the Youth

March 31, 2014

Words: Madhu Lal Recently I’ve noticed a spike in the usage of electronics in today’s youth population. As a kid growing up, I was assigned a set amount time each day for TV. Watching TV, for me, was a treat, and playing on the 30 pound piece of metal that was known as the computer, was utter bl...

Bullying in the 21st Century

March 19, 2014

Words: Madhu Lal Bullying and social interaction essentially go hand-in-hand. Almost everyone in our society has either experienced or encountered bullying at least once in their life. Many classes in schools have been created to help discourage kids from bullying. The consequences of bullying have als...

Be Kind

December 20, 2013

Words: Maryam Elhabashy Be decent. Be generous. Be kind. These are the types of characteristics that we are taught to strive towards. One would think that they are time-tested and true.  But one could argue that the way we communicate in the 21st century is changing the standards of what kindness is. ...

Social Media’s Effect on Personal Relationships

November 6, 2013

Words: Maryam Elhabashy If you were to go out on any normal day and ask someone at random how many friends they have, they would most likely respond with a question: “What do you mean?  Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Tumblr?” It seems that in the modern world, most people don’t have an absolute ...

What’s the Fuss over Class Ranks?

October 8, 2013

Words: Caroline Lawrence At last- the miniature manila envelope that sits in your quivering hands contains the key to your dream school, your future. Two simple numbers that will determine your acceptance or rejection. Or will they? Seniors have been buzzing about class rank since its official release ...

Healthier Foods Throughout the School

October 7, 2013

Words: Jonah Drenning The next time you go to buy a snack or drink at the vending machines after school, you may notice some changes in the selection of snacks. Rather than bags of chips, cookies, and other desserts in the vending machines, there are bags of baked chips, various granola bars, and a ...

The June Wingspan

June 12, 2013

The June Wingspan has arrived. We will be publishing the PDF version of each issue here, at This will be great for mobile reading, along with keeping a copy for yourself. Click Here for the June Issue PDF

The May Wingspan

June 5, 2013

The May Wingspan has arrived. We will be publishing the PDF version of each issue here, at This will be great for mobile reading, along with keeping a copy for yourself. Click Here for the May Issue PDF

Farewell Letter from the Online Editor-In-Chief

May 16, 2013

Wingspan Readers, When I became The Wingspan’s Online Editor-in-Chief, it was based on my vision to grow The Wingspan’s online presence. We live in a world where news is constantly happening, and we want to be able to report that news as soon as possible. So, to grow that online presence, we cons...

Centennial United

April 16, 2013

Words: Amy Myers The day of the latest school assembly, students shuffled their way into the auditorium for what was rumored to be about bullying again. As they found their seats, they were introduced to a powerful video showing some astonishing secrets of anonymous members of the Centennial communit...

The March Talon

April 5, 2013

The Wingspan is excited to announce the arrival of the March Talon. The Talon is a digital publication designed to archive the most significant events that are reported on The Talon was crafted by Centennial's Journalism 1 team of 11 students, and serves as an excellent collection of ...

Happy Spring Break

March 29, 2013

With exceptions including Breaking News, Senior Superlatives (April 4), and the exciting release of The Talon, The Wingspan will be on an online publication hiatus as we spend Spring Break with our families and friends. Daily online publication will resume on Monday, April 8, 2013.