Anthony Chiu

Anthony Chiu


Name – Anthony Chiu

Nickname – No nickname 😥

Sibling – Katherine!

Birthday – February 25th


Color – Alizarin Crimson

Genre of Music – Indie

Food – On the border

TV Show – Dexter

Movie – Saw

Book – It

Subject – I love school in general.


Sports/Clubs – Soccer and Track

What is your ideal homecoming theme?

I was a huge proponent of Candyland.

If you could change one thing about CHS what would it be?

Well I’d probably increase it to the size of other schools in Hoco.

What made you want to be a member of SGA?  I enjoy being involved in with the school’s events and voicing my opinion. I strive every day to give back to this school and it’s students with my inexhaustible dedication to SGA.

Position on SGA – Evaluator

Unusual Fact – I’m up so late right now

Dream Vacation – Australia

Superpower – Flying

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