Pranav Ganapathy


Name – Pranav Ganapathy

Nickname – None

Sibling – Keshav

Birthday – July 27th


Color – Orange

Genre of Music – Coldplay (because they are awesome enough to have their own genre)

Food – Virgil’s Root Beer (yes, it counts as a food for me)

Teacher – Mr. McCoy

TV Show – The Big Bang Theory

Movie – Avatar

Leader/Role Model – John Quincy Adams

Book – Epic by Conor Kostick

Quote – “Never go out to meet trouble. Nine times out of ten someone will intercept it before it reaches you” – Calvin Coolidge

Subject – History


Sports/Clubs – Boy’s Cross Country, It’s Academic, SGA

What is your ideal homecoming theme?

Rock and Roll or Jazz

If you could change one thing about CHS what would it be?

I would work towards making CHS a green school.

What made you want to be a member of SGA?  I was in student council in middle school, and I loved it. I just wanted to continue doing what I enjoyed.

Position on SGA – Freshman Representative

Unusual Fact – I’ve had a snowtube run over me before!

Dream Vacation – Monsterrat, or the Northern Mariana Islands

Superpower – Invisibility!

If you were a bumper sticker, what would you say? – Think BIG!

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