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Journey To the States Part 1: CHS Door Decorating

Bryn Schwartz and Julia Gaevsky April 4, 2022

This past February, Centennial High School celebrated Black History Month in a unique way: by having a school-wide door decorating contest. Walking down the hallways of Centennial, students and staff were...

Girl vs. Girl Crime

Bryn Schwartz March 9, 2022

The movie Mean Girls is notorious for its portrayal of the classic high school girl clique. The movie is somewhat dramatized and is believed by some to create a sexist stigma against young girls: petty,...

Centennial’s Driving Dilemma

Bryn Schwartz February 4, 2022

With student arrivals to school turning later and later with time, it calls into question the “secret” shortcut and the parking lot problem. In late November, Centennial administration introduced...

Shedding Light on Centennials Hanukkah Traditions

Shedding Light on Centennial’s Hanukkah Traditions

Bryn Schwartz December 13, 2021

Cue the Dreidel Song, because Hanukkah is here. Following the Jewish calendar, Hanukkah falls on a different date in the secular calendar every year. Starting on November 29, the holiday is celebrated...

The Class of 2022 is Crabby About the Senior Activity Cancellation

Bryn Schwartz November 15, 2021

With activities such as the senior sunrise, senior nights in sports, and homecoming, it’s safe to say the fall is an exciting time for the senior student body! One of the most popular senior events...

Is Prom Happening?

Bryn Schwartz   February 4, 2021

A lot of students believe that the Corona Virus has affected their high school experience. With schools closing and online learning becoming the new “norm”, most students have not been inside their...

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