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Centennial’s Hello Dolly!

Words: Zach Grossman

Centennial’s production of Hello Dolly! began on Thursday, March 23, and continued until Sunday, March 26.

In this year’s play, many returning faces were seen on stage, as well as many new actors and actresses. Hello Dolly! is about a matchmaker named Dolly Levi, played by senior Minnie Gregorini, who enjoys meddling in other people’s lives, which results in three couples being matched together. Among the three couples matched was Dolly herself. Some of the other characters were Ambrose, Horace, Emergrade, Corenelius, Barnaby, and Minnie Day were played by seniors Jun Lee, Jack Goodman, Mevie Henderson, Miguel Fernandez, sophomore Noah Katz, and junior Carolina Requejo, respectively. Irene was played by senior Emily Erle on the Thursday and Saturday performances and senior Ally Wilson on the Friday and Sunday performances.

As always, the theatre department put on a spectacular and entertaining performance every night.

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Cherry Blossom Festival

Words: Abby Vall

The trees are budding and the temperature is rising to seventy degrees in the middle of March, throwing a huge curveball at Maryland. That curveball is that Spring is quickly approaching, meaning the cherry blossoms are coming out. The flowers bloom in Washington D.C where an annual festival is held to celebrate.

The Cherry Blossom Festival is a weeklong event in Washington D.C., where beautiful blossoms can be found by famous monuments like the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument.

Junior Fayyaz Zaidi shared that taking a stroll through the National Mall “was like nothing I have ever seen…it was so enticing that we spent around [two] hours just observing the true beauty of it.”

People from all over Maryland, and other countries and regions, come to see the beauty that visitors like Zaidi talk about.

Zaidi’s first time at the festival was in 2008 and he continues to go with his family. He said, “It was the mixture of the jubilant weather and the overall beauty of the flowers that made me want to keep going.”

When the sun starts shining consistently throughout the day, the buds bloom into a marvelous sight for all to see. There are other events going on while the flowers are out, like the Japanese Cultural Festival that senior Claire Lee attended. Lee found it convenient that both events were happening at the same time, and took advantage and enjoyed both.

Some students, like junior Carolina Requejo, have never been to the festival but look forward to going someday.

“[I] would be ecstatic to finally see the famous cherry blossoms,” said Requejo.

The Cherry Blossom Festival is a breathtaking sight for many students and Requejo shares, “It would be a great family trip and a once in a lifetime opportunity I’d love to experience with my family!”

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Cross Country County Championship

Words: Zach Grossman

On October 27, 2016, the Centennial Eagles Girls and Boys Cross Country teams placed exceptionally well at the County Championship.

Sophomore Alison Betler finished sixth overall with a time of 19:27. The girls’ top six placed as following: Betler(6), senior Kara Taylor(8), sophomore Cora Blount(9), junior Cassie Yates(35), sophomore Christina Stavlas(43), and junior Carolina Requejo(47). The girls placed second overall.

The top six runners for the Boys’ were senior Daniel Gao (14), junior Ethan Carpenter (15), junior Steven Mitchell (17), senior Anthony Ferrara (40), David Rina (46), and sophomore Chris Bieberich(51). The team finished in sixth place overall.

The Regional Championship is on November 3, 2016 at Centennial.

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Weekend In The Country Review

Words: Meghan Moore

On October 3 and 4, Merriweather Post Pavilion welcomed thousands of country music lovers for the WPOC Weekend in the Country. The annual two-day festival was headlined by Sam Hunt and Brantley Gilbert, with artists like Chris Janson, Cam, Thompson Square, and Canaan Smith performing either one or both days.

This two-day country festival provides an opportunity to listen to some of the genre’s hottest artists as well as relaxing enjoying the company of other country fans. However, rain and cold temperatures on Saturday left a somewhat unanimous overcast impression on the day.

“People seemed very upset about the rain, so the crowd had generally low excitement,” commented senior Allie Durkee, who attended the concert on Saturday.

Though not all Saturday goers saw it in a negative light. “Even though it was cold and rainy, everyone seemed to be very excited to be there,” stated senior Emily Davis, “dancing in the rain is always fun.”

Sunday attendees saw the atmosphere as more energetic. “There were people of all ages and it was a good place to have fun and listen to good music,” observed sophomore Ally Parisi.

“Most people were really enjoying themselves and were very energetic throughout the whole day,” added sophomore Carolina Requejo.

Pertinent players in the concert experience are the performers themselves, and this year they outshone the overcast weather.

“Sam Hunt had the best performance, everyone knew the majority and his songs and sang along,” said Davis “he also sang covers of songs that weren’t his which was exciting to hear other great country songs.”

“After the concert I was ready to go home after a long day of relaxing with friends and enjoying country music,” concluded Parisi.

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