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How Centennial Students Can Manage Stress

Words: Jacob Mauer

Students are put through many levels of stress on a daily basis both at school and at home. Students find that learning to manage stress is the key to success.

The causes of stress vary from person to person and from situation to situation. One student could be worrying about college preparation while the next is frantically looking over notes for a test that they are ill prepared for.

Jae Hi Hebler, a guidance counselor at Centennial, says that finding the source of a student’s stress is key to relieving it. Some causes of stress are avoidable and should be avoided, but some are unavoidable, such as a test or a presentation.

When the cause of stress is avoidable, skills to manage stress are invaluable. Some techniques students use include listening to music, playing sports, playing games, exercising, spending alone time, and hanging out with friends.

While these techniques can work, Hebler also recommends talking about the stressful situation with someone, not specifically a counselor. Along with talking, breathing techniques can relieve stress as well.

Erin Fisher, a teacher and tennis coach at Centennial, says that while sports can help with stress, they don’t help everyone. Some people who don’t enjoy sports can dance or sing, but it is important that they find what helps them best. Though Fisher encourages her athletes to participate in sports, she also recommends they prioritize their school work.

If a student has schoolwork that needs to be done, it should take priority over playing outside. “A balance between relaxation and work should be established,” said Fisher.

She also stressed the importance of self-care. Sometimes, when people are overwhelmed and stressed, they neglect to care for themselves. Not caring for oneself can make a person feel even more overwhelmed than before, which is counterproductive.

Stress can occupy your mind whether you are stressing over a small or large thing. If someone finds themselves overwhelmed, they can always go to either a counselor, a friend, or family member.

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Centennial’s Online Store

Words: Jacob Mauer

To remove the many hassles of having to deliver payments to Centennial, the school has implemented an online payment option available directly from the school’s website under the “Essential Applications” section.

Information given along with item names are teachers and sponsors, grade level, course/class, activity date, and price of the given item or activity. Select courses offer additional instruction and details along with the previously mentioned information. Some of the available purchases include school activities and events, field trips, fundraisers, spirit wear, and more.

To begin a purchase, an account for the parent or student must be created on the website. Options for payment include credit card and debit card, like Visa and MasterCard. To manage site maintenance and pay for credit card company fees, there is a non-refundable 4.0% handling fee with every transaction.

As the year continues more options will be available for sale and improvements will be made as necessary.

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Schedule Changes

Words: Jacob Mauer

Schedule change requests are currently available to all Centennial students. The orange forms can be found on the student aid desk at Student Services.

The form requires students to fill in the class they want to switch, the class they want to be switched into, a valid reason to switch, contact options, and both the student’s and parent’s signature.

Valid reasons to switch a class include, but are not limited to: needing a credit for graduation, repetition of a previously completed course, or switching to a course of a different level. Students are not guaranteed to be put into the class they request because some classes are already full and there can be scheduling conflicts.

Schedule changes are not available past Friday, September 4, so forms should be filled out as soon as possible and returned to the student’s counselor.

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Lines of Love Coffee House

Words: Jacob Mauer

On Jan. 30, Lines of Love hosted their third annual coffee house. The doors to the event opened at 6:00 pm at Centennial High School. Once $4 was paid as admission, the audience could take their seats before the performances began. Special performances were give by “Awkward,” a club focused around improvisational theatre, E-Hos, and Patrick Donovan among others.

The night began with Amaal Yazdi who presented poems that she wrote. After Yazdi, Tori Green and Michael Jansto performed together. Green sang while Jansto played along with his guitar. Following immediately after their songs, Tyler Adams both sang and played instrumentals for Bon Jovi’s “Dead or Alive” along with other classics. Skyler Betz was next in the show and sang “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.  She also gave the audience a demo of her own album. Last before the intermission was Centennial’s own “Awkward.” Included in their performances were acts of “telephone,” along with an act of funny, on the spot reactions to typical situations. The game of “telephone” started with the audience creating a story.  The first person in Awkward would then retell it to the second person only using actions. Then the second Awkward member would retell the story using words to the next member who would act it out, etc.

Intermission began after Awkward was finished and lasted roughly ten minutes. Refreshments and food were served. Foods such as cupcakes and cookies were brought and beverages included hot chocolate and coffee, as would be expected for a coffee house. Eddie Chow kept the event alive after the intermission with multiple performances including “Always,” along with others. At the end of Eddy’s performance, E-hos, the professional Hip Hop Artist/Entertainer from West Philadelphia, took to the stage and raised the crowd’s involvement by having sections of his song be sung by the crowd on his cue. Patrick Donovan arrived slightly late the show, but time was filled in nicely by E-Hos’ performance. When Donovan arrived, they sang and played together until the end of the show at seven.