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Poetry Out Loud

Words: Madhu Lal

Yesterday Thursday, November 18 the auditorium was filled with students waiting for their peers to recite poetry during the annual Poetry Out Loud competition.

Poetry Out Loud is a national competition aimed to encourage youth to explore the subject of poetry through selecting and memorizing a poem of their choosing. The organization also hopes to help individuals who participate in Poetry Out Loud, with strengthening their public speaking skills through recitation.   

Students first participated in class competitions, the winners moved on to the school competition. The contestants included Tara Laneheart, Chetana Jadhav, Tori Montanez, Anna Moorhead, Fayyaz Zaidi, Miguel Fernandez, Mackenzie Brandon and Megan Hromek.

After a series of impressive performances, the winners were named, the Poetry Out Loud winner was Miguel Fernandez, first runner up was Megan Hromeck and second runner up was Fayyaz Zaidi. These students will be moving on to the next stage of the competition, the regional competition which will be held at the College of Southern Maryland.

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Poetry Out Loud Results

Words: Madhu Lal

Wednesday, Nov. 19 was the annual Poetry Out Loud competition, where select students within Centennial recited poetry in the hopes of winning and moving on to the state competition. This year, the participants of the event included Brendan Wilems, Sarah Elgendy, Ammal Yazdi, Montria Walker, Tahiyat Sheikh, Miguel Fernandez, Minnie Gregorini, Preeya Subedi, Tommy Hegarty and Elizabeth Heleba. Those ten finalists competed in the school’s auditorium in front of many english classes as well as Ms Hafets, Ms.Miller, Ms.Duran and Ms.Shipp, who judged their performances.

The country-wide competition, created by Poetry Out Loud and National Endowment for the Arts and the Poetry Foundation, was established in order to help people become more interested and involved in poetry. Each participant recited two poems from memory, one during the first round, and another in the second round. The judges scored the individuals based off of each student’s ability to recite the poem accurately. Participants were also evaluated on mood, voice, and appropriateness of the poem as well as the judge’s overall opinion of the performance.

After the performances, three students were selected as the school winners. In third place was Minnie Gregorini who performed Karen Gotshall’s “More Lies” and Philip Freneau’s “American Soldier.” Montrea Walker, second place, recited both Jimmy Santiago’s “I Am Offering This Poem” and Alfred Lord Tennyson’s “ Break Break Break.” Finally, in first place, was Miguel Fernandez who recited a poem by Lee Hunt, “Jenny Kissed Me” and C.K. William’s “The Nail”.

The three winners will be moving on to the statewide level and then, if they are successful, the country wide competition.

Poetry Out Loud

Words: Miranda Mason

Photos: Paul Didwall

Ellicott City, MD – On Friday, November 30, 2012, the school-wide Poetry Out Loud (POL) competition took place in the CHS auditorium, with senior Sarika Reddy winning first place, Gabe Lewman with second place and Brianna Richardson as the runner-up.

Seven students, who first competed in their English classes, participated in the event: Sarika Reddy, Gabe Lewman, Brianna Richardson, Julia Zhen, Tahiyat Sheikh, Ona Ichoku and Emma Cooley.

Poetry Out Loud is a poetry recitation competition that students nationwide compete in each year. POL is designed to encourage kids to learn about poetry, along with mastering public speaking and building self-confidence, something English teacher Corey O’Brien believes is important.

“It gives students the opportunity to speak in front of their peers in a formal style. They get to choose their own poems, so it means more to them and they can do more with that,” said O’Brien.

For students, this was a chance to showcase their talents in a way that differs from performing in a play or musical. The school-wide POL competition also gives the top two students who participated the chance to move on to the next stage of Poetry Out Loud.

“I’m so excited. We’ve been preparing for this for weeks, and it’s a wonderful opportunity,” said junior Brianna Richardson before she went on stage for the event.

The first and second place winners, Reddy and Lewman, will move on to the county competition. From there, there is a regional and a state competition before the national event. If either Reddy or Lewman wins at the state level, they will receive $200 and a paid trip to Washington D.C., where the national competition is taking place April 28-30, 2013.