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Centennial WorldFest

Words: Abby Vall

Photos: Sandy Eichhorn

Centennial held its annual WorldFest on Tuesday, March 28. The event is a time for the community to gather together and celebrate the diversity of cultures within Centennial. National Honor Society coordinated the event and members volunteered throughout the evening.

Centennial’s various clubs sold food from different cultures such as gimbap,Taco in a Bag, hummus, falafel, and meatballs. Along with plenty of food, there was a gallery walk with boards Centennial volunteers created celebrating their unique cultures. A multitude of countries were represented like the Philippines, India, Ireland, and Zambia.

There was a short break between the food booths and the fashion and talent show, where visitors could participate in several workshops ranging from belly dancing to flag making.

The fashion and talent show was a chance for students to represent their backgrounds by dancing, singing, and playing instruments. Bonding Through K-Pop, a North African Medley dance, and a Bollywood dance were some of the many performances. Halfway through the show, several students walked on stage with cultural clothing from countries such as India, China, El Salvador, Sudan, and several more.

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WorldFest Is Tonight! Celebrating Cultural Heritage

Words: Madhu Lal


Centennial has a large population of students with many different traditions, beliefs, and cultures. WorldFest, once called International Night, is an afterschool celebration of cultures, which acts as a way for students to represent their cultural heritage through creative and engaging activities. This festival, taking place within Centennial, will include distinctive types of food, fashion, music, and dances to showcase Centennial’s strong and diverse student body.

WorldFest will take place on May 9th from 6pm to 9pm. Admission Tickets cost 5 dollars and admission to the international cafe is an additional 5 dollars. Various school clubs and parent organizations will set up booths containing a plethora of international cuisine, which can be bought by attendants of this event.

Activities such as face painting and dance lessons will take place in the halls. These activities and games are based on different cultures, offered as a way to better understand and appreciate the different types of people who attend Centennial.

Towards the end of this event, a fashion and talent show will kick off around 7:30. Many Centennial students have volunteered as models and will be sporting various fashions like saris, kimonos and other different clothing articles from around the world. Students participating in the show have the opportunity to dance, sing, or play a musical instrument that displays their cultural heritage. Centennial student Diane Ijoma, one of the models for the show, says “ I’m excited. Not only do I get to model but I also get to see the amount of diversity that is in Centennial!”

The whole purpose of WorldFest is to recognize, celebrate, and understand all cultures through a fun, yet educational way. Ms. Miller, an administrator at Centennial exclaims, “I’m so excited for WorldFest, I want it to be over-the-top and amazing!”

For more information regarding worldfest please call Centennial high school at 410-313-2856.