"Don't Say Gay" Bill Walkout
Naomi Chao and Joanne Yoon April 7, 2022

On Friday, March 11, 2022, Centennial students organized a walkout to show their opposition for House Bill 1557, better known as the “Parental...

Mask Mandate Update
February 28, 2022
“I Am. All of Us.”: A Kendrick Lamar review
Judah Williams and Jackson Palich June 13, 2022

One thousand, eight hundred, fifty-five days. That’s how long it has been since the last Kendrik Lamar album. Finally, though, Lamar has returned...

Photo courtesy of Pixar/Disney+
Turning Red Review
April 6, 2022
Kartik Sullivan: The captain in the goal
Kartik Sullivan: The captain in the goal
Dawood Kashif September 23, 2022

Centennial High School’s own Kartik Sulivan has taken on the responsibility of not only being the man in goal but also being the man to lead...

Spider-Man: No Way Home Review + Who is the Best Spider-Man?
Austin Roch, Jackson Palich, and Dawood Kashif January 27, 2022

Review Spider-Man: No Way Home, grossing over 1.75 billion dollars in less than a month, has become the 12th highest-grossing film ever and...

Encanto Review
January 13, 2022
Photo from the Centennial and Hammond High School football game
Centennial Vs. Hammond
Jackson Palich September 16, 2022
Tennis Playoffs
Dawood Kashif June 6, 2022
Tennis Senior Night
Dawood Kashif May 26, 2022
Centennial´s Tennis and Baseball Teams Advance
Judah Williams and Jackson Palich May 18, 2022
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