The Wingspan is the school newspaper for Centennial High School. The Wingspan has been around since 1977, and strives to provide accurate, in-depth information to the Centennial Community. Along with continuing to provide news through our print edition, The Wingspan will be publishing content online. Continue to visit our website for up to date CHS news, and be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Also, you can click the follow link in the bottom right corner of any page, and receive news updates via e-mail.

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @CHSWingspan

Instagram: @wingspan_chs

Facebook: @The Wingspan

The 2020-2021 Team

Editor-In-Chief: Delanie Tucker

Managing Editor: Sasha Allen

Copy Editor: Emily Holwedel

Writing Editors: Jeramy Stavlas

Sports Staff: Madison Ceglia, Gabby Graves, Caden Alkire and Jonathan Hill

Feature Staff: Kallie Anagnos, Kate Tourison, Edwin Wu, James MacLellan, Lauren Scott and Rachel Middleton

Photo Staff: Ava Welsh, Fatima Masood, and Caitlyn Daproza

News Staff: Joanne Yoon and Jasmine Kwok

Photo Editor: Adithi Soogoor

Online Editor: Alexandra Valerio

Advisor: Lauren Mancini

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