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End of year music recap and music for 2023

End of year music recap and music for 2023

Abby Conrad, Abby Rothrock, and Jackson Palich January 30, 2023

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Splatoon 3 review

Joey Crossney October 4, 2022

The latest installment in the Splatoon series, Splatoon 3, provides a fresh yet familiar experience for fans of the popular third-person shooter Nintendo franchise. Splatoon 3 was released on September...

Photo courtesy of Pixar/Disney+

Turning Red Review

Hannah Kim and Alice Kim April 6, 2022

Do you remember a time when life suddenly felt weird? When you felt gross and as if you were being judged by others? If so, check out the heartwarming new Pixar film, Turning Red. Rewinding back to...

Source: iMDB

West Side Story Review: A Thoughtful Take on a Timeless Classic

Abby Conrad March 22, 2022

The first time I watched my grandmother’s favorite movie, West Side Story, I was seven, sitting on the couch next to her. I was wide-eyed throughout the whole thing, but as the end credits rolled, I...

source: IMDb website

The Book of Boba Fett Review

Austin Roch March 8, 2022

A follow-up show to Disney’s Mandalorian seasons one and two, The Book of Boba Fett follows the feared bounty hunter after his demise in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi to the Sarlacc pit.  The season...

What is Centennial Listening To? Part 2

What is Centennial Listening To? Part 2

Naomi Chao and Joanne Yoon March 7, 2022

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The Humanities Showcase: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Jasmine Kwok March 4, 2022

Humanities students have one more event to add to their list of core memories! As they near the end of their journey in the program, seniors are beginning to reflect on their four years in the tightly-knit...

What did Centennial Students Think of the Super Bowl 56 Halftime Show?

Jackson Palich March 4, 2022

The Super Bowl 56 halftime show included many big names throughout rap history, and there have been mixed reviews from the public, so, what do CHS students think? The names of the star-studded halftime...

Centennial’s 2022 Prom

Kenzie Veres February 28, 2022

    For junior and senior girls, sweatpants and Birkenstocks are a staple here at Centennial, but come prom time you can expect nails to be done and hair to look effortlessly flawless. Prom is an exciting...

A Little More Spunk for Next Year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

Meghan Creel February 24, 2022

The Super Bowl is the most important football game of the year, crowning the champion of the National Football League. It is an event that even people who don't like to watch football typically indulge...

Cyber Shadow Review

Joey Crossney February 18, 2022

Cyber Shadow is a game that, despite its name, shouldn't be in the shadows, as it is far more in-depth than one may expect. It will test your patience and skill, but in the end, it is a journey worth taking.  Created...

What are Centennial Students’ Preferred Methods of Cruising the Slopes?

Ben Huynh , Alice Kim, and Hannah Kim February 17, 2022

As the weather cools and ski resorts have opened, avid skiers and snowboarders are now being welcomed into the season.  In Maryland, ski resorts typically open around December and close in March. Originating...

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