Preseason Workouts for Modified Fall Sports

Adithi Soogoor

October 15, 2020

In the wake of school closures and quarantine restrictions because of COVID-19, Howard County has implemented social distancing measures and shifted to virtual learning, causing a massive blow to fall sports. The county has mandated postponing the fall season until March 15th, 2021, shortening it to fi...

Seniors Take on Fall Fest

Seniors Take on Fall Fest

Audrey Oaksmith

October 14, 2020

On Saturday, October 10th, the Senior class met at Triadelphia Lake View Tree Farm from 5-7pm for a Fall Festival. This event was put together by the 2021 Class Board and the Parents of Centennial Seniors. Students gathered at the farm in their flannels and masks to roast marshmallows and have a ...

Entertainment During Isolation

Emily Hollwedel

October 6, 2020

Six months. That’s how long we’ve been in quarantine. Over half a year has passed since students stopped going to school, sports practices, or anywhere else outside of the house. With all of this sudden free time, there’s bound to be boredom. There’s also bound to be an uptick in  media bein...

Clubs and the 2020 Presidential Election

Sasha Allen

October 2, 2020

Right now, everything looks a little different than it did just six months ago. But “everything” doesn’t just stop at our everyday routines; it translates into all parts of daily life, including politics. On Tuesday, November 3, all eligible voters will have the opportunity to go to a polling ...

Welcome Back Centennial!

Jeramy Stavlas

October 1, 2020

The Centennial Wingspan team is pleased to welcome back the community of Centennial High School! These past six months have been a difficult time for all of us, including the Wingspan. COVID-19 briefly halted our publication and forced us to adapt to a new system of writing and editing. We have...

Centennial Sports Begin to Meet Online

Jeramy Stavlas

October 1, 2020

On September 21, the Centennial Athletic Department allowed Centennial’s sports teams to meet up again, but only in a virtual setting. Optional team calls take place once a week, with opportunities for conditioning and team-building. Fall, winter, and spring sports will meet Mondays, Wednesdays, an...

The Sun Rises On Senior Year

The Sun Rises On Senior Year

Audrey Oaksmith

September 30, 2020

On Tuesday, September 8th, the first day of the 2020-2021 school year, the Senior class gathered at Centennial Park at 6:45am for a Senior Sunrise event. Seniors brought blankets and breakfast foods and sat out in the park to catch up with friends and to watch the sunrise. There was cornhole, badmi...

Rising Freshmen: Fears for an Uncertain School Year

Sasha Allen

June 18, 2020

Words: Sasha Allen Last June, prior to the 2019-20 school year, I wrote an article about the worries and expectations of rising freshmen and matched their fears with words of encouragement and advice from current freshmen. In my interviews with these students, I found they were eagerly awaiting the new ...

BLM: A Look at Performative Protests on Social Media

Emily Hollwedel

June 17, 2020

Words: Emily Hollwedel In the midst of a virus’ wrath, the nation reveals another deep, old wound that has been with it since the beginning: racism.  Within the span of a month, three names— maybe more— have flashed across television and smartphone screens across the country: Ahmaud Arbery. Bre...

Centennial Hosts a Counselor Corner

Sarah Paz

June 16, 2020

Words: Sarah Paz On Friday, May 29, and June 5, Centennial High School counselors organized a Counselor Corner for juniors at 12:00pm. The objective of the meetings was to answer student’s questions about how the college admissions process has been affected by COVID-19. On Friday, June 12, Centennial’s...

How the Music Programs are Learning Online

June 13, 2020

Words: Hoang-Phi Quy Since April 15, Howard County Public Schools have resumed lessons and continued the online learning program. HCPSS has continually stressed the importance of learning throughout these difficult times.  Unlike regular academic classes, music classes have been particularly difficult to condu...

Class of 2020 Virtual Graduation

Delanie Tucker

June 9, 2020

Words: Delanie Tucker On Thursday, June 4, the Centennial High School class of 2020 officially said goodbye to the last four years of their lives. While the seniors couldn’t have a traditional graduation ceremony because of COVID-19, they were still able to experience some formal closure to their ...