COVID-19 Quarantine Records

May 27, 2020

Words: Mariam Abd-El-Shafy  On Friday, March 13, Governor Hogan announced that all Maryland Schools would shut down until further notice to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. It has been over two months since the start of the COVID-19 Quarantine. Students in isolation have decided to share their st...

Centennial Participates in 2019 Hour of Code

Alexandra Valerio

December 20, 2019

Words: Alexandra Valerio To promote coding careers for students, Centennial will be hosting the Hour of Code event from December 9 to 15, and students from all grades will be able to practice coding with staff at Centennial.  Daleth Sendin, a Centennial Technology teacher, has been in charge of the...

PLASTIC: Your Evil Best Friend

Natalie Knight-Griffin meets with Principal Cynthia Dillon.

December 20, 2019

Words: Natalie Knight-Griffin Photo: Sara Ferrara Here we are. A generation of radical, idealistic, and often angry teenagers. We see the way the world has fallen apart under our feet: rainforests cut down, carbon emissions higher than ever, ice caps melting, mass extinction, oceans of plastic. We ha...

An Inside Look at Centennial’s Color Guard

November 19, 2019

Video by: Alexandra Valerio and Julia Stitely Click here to watch the Wingspan's newest video featuring Centennial's Color Guard! pb/dt/ks/th For more breaking news and photos, follow The Wingspan on Instagram and Twitter @CHSWingspan. ...

Sense and Sensibility Interviews

November 14, 2019

Podcast by: Casper Ambrose, Julia Stitely, Noelle Deal, Keith Hitzelberger, Camryn Desai Get a closer look at Centennial's production of Sense and Sensibility with interviews from the director and a lead in the show. Jacob Traver | Theatre Teacher/ Director   Myeves Lucien | Portrays Marian...

Why November? The Truth Behind College Board’s Decision

Why November? The Truth Behind College Board's Decision

November 7, 2019

Words: Caleb McClatchey Photo: Adithi Soogoor For the world of secondary education, the College Board’s seemingly innocent February 6 press release contained a bombshell. In it, the educational non-profit announced it would be making two major changes to the Advanced Placement (AP) program for the 2...

The Vaping Trap: “It will most definitely ruin your life.”

The Vaping Trap:

November 6, 2019

Words & Photo: Delanie Tucker “I think [vapes] are way too easy for teenagers to get. I think teenagers are uneducated on how dangerous [vaping] is. I think the flavors do cater to a younger crowd. And I think [teens] have a misnomer that it’s safe,” said Marc Carneal, Centennial’s Stude...

Greetings from Sarfraz Manzoor: An Exclusive Wingspan Interview

The cast and author Blinded by the Light pose for a picture.

November 5, 2019

Words: Emily Hollwedel Photos Contributed by: Sarfraz Manzoor A young Pakistani boy around the age of sixteen is sitting in his room on a wooden chair in the dark. A party, bass thumping, can be heard from a few houses down, a party he can’t attend. He’s holding a cassette tape in his hand with ...

Connor Carpenter: Civil Servant for Centennial and Beyond

October 30, 2019

Words: Jeramy Stavlas For the past three winter and spring sports seasons at Centennial High School, senior Connor Carpenter has been seen on either the court or the field, playing big roles for the school’s basketball and lacrosse teams. His impact on Centennial’s sports teams goes far beyond his play o...

Senior Sisters Create New Native American Club

Alexandra Valerio

October 10, 2019

Words: Alexandra Valerio The Native American Student Union, founded by Seniors Kayla and Autumn Moore, is now a fully sanctioned club at Centennial High School.  According to the club President Kayla Moore, the goal of the Native American Student Union is to “raise awareness on issues in the ...

End of an Era: Hollwedel Steps Away from the Sideline

End of an Era: Hollwedel Steps Away from the Sideline

June 21, 2019

Words: Caleb McClatchey Photo contributed by: Wingspan Archives When Chad Hollwedel switched his major from engineering to education, he knew that, wherever he taught, he wanted to have an impact on the school community beyond the classroom. With sports being a major part of his youth, he also knew that...

Principal Cynthia Dillon Reflects on Her First Year

Principal Cynthia Dillon Reflects on Her First Year

June 21, 2019

Words: Natalie Knight-Griffin Photo: Eliza Andrew In a school of 1,612 students, a single face passes by new principal Cynthia Dillon. She says hello, just as the student smiles with a welcoming invitation to their club event later in the week. With a beaming look she says, yes, of course! Dillon, ...