Finals season is approaching, and our experience is... nonexistent?

Finals season is approaching, and our experience is… nonexistent?

Pierce Pearson June 14, 2022

As the end of the school year swiftly approaches, the freshmen of Centennial are preparing their minds for their first ever high school final exam… and so are the sophomores and juniors. For the last...

Centennial’s top summer reads for sunny days ahead

Centennial’s top summer reads for sunny days ahead

Abby Conrad June 13, 2022

With summer right around the corner, Centennial students will no longer be burdened with homework, studying, and after-school activities. What better way to spend all this extra time than lounging by the...

Summer 2022 Entertainment

Joey Crossney and Dawood Kashif June 10, 2022

The last day of school is June 17th, meaning that summer is almost here. Soon, instead of being stressed about finals, people will be worried about what to fill their long summer days with. Since people...

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Centennial Dance’s Final Bow

Abby Conrad and Abby Rothrock May 27, 2022

On April 28 and 29, all of the Centennial dance classes turned and leapt under the bright lights of the stage to showcase their hard work and talent in a culminating performance for the year. For some,...

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‘It’s Just Not Worth it:’ Substance Abuse Poses Threats to Teens

Edwin Wu May 23, 2022

Throughout the United States, many students do not realize the detrimental effects to the mind, body and spirit, that come with drug abuse. According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, over...

Centennials Pierce Pearson invited to the 2022 Hawaii Performing Arts Festival

Centennial’s Pierce Pearson invited to the 2022 Hawaii Performing Arts Festival

Naomi Chao and Joanne Yoon May 17, 2022

Centennial High School's very own Pierce Pearson has been a singer and performer his entire life, and now, he plans on attending the 2022 Hawaii Performing Arts Festival this summer.  Pearson is a...

Every Classroom Has Its Own Story

Ben Huynh , Hannah Kim, and Alice Kim May 10, 2022

Classrooms at Centennial High School are filled with students' works and decorations including poems, posters, drawings, and much more. Decorations in each class vary depending on the teacher and the subject...

Seniors’ Final Stretch

Pierce Pearson and Eva Clarkson May 3, 2022

It’s the start of May, and that leaves less than a month until the seniors’ last day of school and their graduation ceremony! Some seniors have complained about the color scheme of graduation, the...

Students Express Issues For SMOB to Address

Edwin Wu April 8, 2022

Every year, Howard County Public School System offers middle and high school students an opportunity to vote for their next Student Member of the Board of Education (SMOB). There was a SMOB convention...

“Don’t Say Gay” Bill Walkout

Naomi Chao and Joanne Yoon April 7, 2022

On Friday, March 11, 2022, Centennial students organized a walkout to show their opposition for House Bill 1557, better known as the “Parental Rights in Education” bill by supporters of the Florida...

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Parachuting North – Joro Spiders Make Their Way Up The East Coast

Pierce Pearson April 5, 2022

Have you ever seen a spider bigger than your own hand? Well, in a few months, you may see thousands of spiders that big, known as Trichonephila clavata, or “Joro Spiders,” all throughout the east coast! In...

Muppets, Chainsaw Hands, and King Kong Rides: Centennial’s Dream Log

Jasmine Kwok April 5, 2022

As a mixture of vivid imagination, imminent stress, and niche memories, dreams can definitely be random, to say the least. Most dreams are left forgotten, but some are so odd and so unrealistic that they...

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