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State pride spurs team pride (Kyle Simpson)

It is rare for people to get excited about a football team just for their jerseys. However, this appears to be the case with the University of Maryland Terps. Tuesday night, they sported one of their 48 different jersey combinations, made by Under Armour for their opening game against Miami. When they first came out to the field, the social networks flooded with comments about the jerseys. The captains choose which combination to wear before each game. This particular set had the yellow half of the Maryland flag on one side and the red half on the other of both the jerseys and the helmets. Other designs include a solid black helmet with a solid red jersey and a helmet that resembles camouflage, except it is made up of turtle shells, and a white jersey with a more traditional jersey look with nothing too flashy.

The first public consensus on the Maryland jerseys was, “Wow, those are ugly.” But throughout the game, the “the more I see them, the more I like them” mentality kicked in, and it quickly became, “Wow, that’s actually a pretty good design.”

Maryland has picked the right designs to do the job they set out to do: get people talking about Maryland football, get fans excited for the new season, bring in support for the players, and breathe new life into the program after they bought out 10-year head coach Ralph Fridgen’s contract at the end of last season, despite a relatively good season compared to the previous one.

Whether you love them, or hate them, most people will accept the jerseys if they get other fans and players excited about Maryland football and the upcoming season.

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